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Pregnancy Subscription Box Companies You HAVE To Know About!

Who doesn’t love getting a fun box of products straight to their doorstep every month?!

Awhile back, I wrote about the best subscription boxes available, but I decided I should go more in-depth for some of them. I only shared a couple options in each category, so today, I will be sharing even more pregnancy subscription box options!

All of these will cater to you throughout your pregnancy – and they are all so unique. I might go broke my next pregnancy trying these out 🙂

Many of these companies also offer boxes for your baby as well! I think subscription boxes make for great baby shower gifts as well (especially for second, or third, or fourth – and beyond – time moms).

Monthly Subscription Boxes for Pregnancy

The Stork Box

This is a new subscription box, but it’s a great one. Apparently Khloe Kardashian recently raved about it on SnapChat (I don’t care much for the Kardashians though, so that doesn’t affect my opinion 🙂

It was created by a mother, which is always best when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum products in my opinion. You can buy subscriptions in quarterly installments, prepaid all at once, or as a gift card. You can also buy a box just one time. A single box is $45, but if you pay for more up front, it’s less expensive. They have boxes for first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester – and you can also buy a postpartum bag!


Love this one – they tout having boxes for “pregnancy through preschool”. Each month, you get a sneak peak at the beginning of the month, and then it gets shipped to you. All the items are picked by experts, and you are guaranteed at least four full-sized products, and the box will be worth at least $45.

Here are the plans they offer (they often have coupons, too – I think right now they have a free box with 6 and 12 month boxes):

  • Monthly plan – $34 billed monthly, automatically
  • 6 month plan – $186 billed every 6 months
  • 12 month plan – $348 billed yearly

Sign up here. 


Bump Box

Bump BOxes

These start at around $35 a month, and each box is filled with products that are perfect for every stage of pregnancy. You can buy it month to month, three months, six months, or nine month increments.

They each contain 4-8 full-sized products that are specifically designed for YOUR stage of pregnancy. They also guarantee you will love it – if you don’t, you can send it back for free and get store credit. They also have a great referral program, so if you love it – you can share it with all your mommy friends!

If you are giving it as a gift, I love that they offer first, second, third, AND fourth trimester boxes), as well as newborn boxes, and baby shower boxes. Super fun!

21 BundlesThis is a monthly bundle of healthy and natural products for mom throughout pregnancy. You will get 4-7 full-sized products in each box. They offer month-to-month, three month, and six month subscriptions, with the most expensive being $39 a month.

This is a great one for the natural-focused mama. I couldn’t find a picture of this, but you can browse Google for images of what’s in this box!

Mama Bird Box

Mama Bird Box

This box has items for your specific stage of pregnancy or postpartum. You will receive 4-6 items in each box. You can check out their Instagram page for more pictures of past month’s boxes.

Boxes are available in one month, three month, or six month subscriptions, with the most expensive being $34.95 a month.

The Stork Box

This company isn’t so much a monthly subscription box as it is a one time box – but it’s still really great. I think this makes for a great gift.

They have boxes for mom and baby. For mom, there is a “mom-to-be” box, a hospital bag box (along with a deluxe one), and a new mom gift box. It is a European company, so all the prices are listed in pounds. I’m not 100% sure if you can order it in the USA, but it’s worth looking into.


Amazon just started offering trimester-specific subscription boxes! They are $29.99, and they have one for the first trimester, second, trimester, and third trimester. It contains four top-rated items, exclusive discounts, and it is worth at least $40! You do have to be an Amazon Prime member.

Baby Bump Bundle

Baby Bump Bundle

This company offers boxes from pregnant moms, postpartum moms, baby, and breastfeeding moms.

The pregnancy boxes are split into first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester. You can either buy one box at a time, or you can do a subscription. One box is $39.99, and each box contains 4-5 full-size products, along with coupons and samples.

They also offer a la carte pregnancy and baby items.

Noobie box

Noobie Box

This box was really unique because it’s FREE! Unfortunately, it’s only available in about ten states in the Northeast…but it’s really an awesome option. It’s filled with freebies, coupons, and other products.

They also have paid boxes that you can get, though these are “milestone” boxes, which are for baby’s first year.

Baby Got Pack

Baby Got Pack

This is a newer company, but they cater to moms throughout their entire pregnancy!

Every two months, you will get 5-8 full-sized products. They tout a “unique mix of organic, eco-friendly, and just awesomely useful products you might not have known [about]. They are a bit more expensive at $49.95, but they do seem to have some great products in the box. That baby book pictured above is the one I got for both of my boys, and I LOVED it!

Honest Company

I think most moms have probably heard of the Honest Company. Unlike many of the companies I’ve mentioned, it’s not really a small business. But they do offer a neat health and wellness bundle that is perfect for making sure you get your prenatal vitamins!

For $34.95 a month, you get to choose from over 12 health and wellness products – including prenatal vitamins, DHA supplements, and lactation support. Good prenatal vitamins often cost that much anyways, so it can be a great deal…especially if you are finding you keep forgetting to pick some up at the store!

Healthy Mama

This is a meal subscription plan that has been created just for expecting moms. It can be hard to make sure you are eating the way you should. You select how many meals a day you want, and what calorie range you want the meals to be in. They get sent straight to your house, and it takes all the work out of making sure you are eating enough for your growing baby. I love that you can adapt the calories amount based on your situation!

Pitter Packer

Again, this isn’t a subscription box, per say, but I think it’s a fun idea. Basically, they send you a really cute diaper bag filled to the brim with all your hospital bag essentials.

Take Care Of

This company is a vitamin subscription company, and they have boxes for prenatal vitamins starting at about $25 a month. They also have ones for moms trying to get pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

You can also add other vitamins recommend for pregnant moms to the box as well. The vitamins look high quality. I think the program looks great!

Bun in the Box

This is one of my favorites! They have a box for every month of pregnancy – from the beginning to nine months. You can start it at any point in your pregnancy, and it’s $29.99 a month. They have a one time box for $39.99, which would make for an awesome gift. They also have a store with other mommy-related products.

Each box has at least five items in it, and they are all supposed to be high quality.

Maternity Clothing Subscription Boxes

Maternity clothes can be tricky. I mean, they are essential, but you only need them for a short period of time! But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s important to feel comfortable while pregnant!

There are a couple of companies that cater toward pregnant women and maternity clothing. Some of them offer maternity clothes rental, while others offer styling services for clothing that you can purchase and keep.

Stitch Fix

I personally LOVE Stitch Fix. I haven’t used their maternity services, but I have done several boxes with them, and they are easily my favorite clothes.

You fill out a styling survey, and you are assigned a person stylist who creates a box of clothing just for you based on that. You pay a $20 styling fee (which can be applied to any purchases) and within a few days, you get a box of clothing.

for a limited time, if you go through this link, your styling fee will be waived! 

You can try on the clothing for a few days, and if you want to buy it – you just don’t send it back!

Le Tote Maternity

Le Tote is a clothing rental company, so to speak. I think that their Maternity offerings are quite nice.

Starting at $69 a month, you will get a box full of maternity clothes that have been picked according to your style and preferences. You can pay to keep the items, or you can send them back! You can have unlimited returns a month, so if you need clothing for a specific occasion, you can get items sent to you right away.

La Belle Bump

This is another rental subscription box for maternity clothing. You get 3-5 items a month (depending on the subscription you choose – $69 or $99), and they also have a special $50 box for maternity formal wear, which I think is awesome.

You fill out a style quiz, and your boxes are sent based on that. You can get unlimited boxes a month – all you have to do is send the other one back. Even if you want to keep some of the items, you can send others back and get ones sent back as a replacement. They have some really cute outfits as examples!

Mine for Nine

Okay, this one isn’t really a subscription box, but I thought it was interesting so I wanted to include it 🙂 It’s similar to the other maternity clothes rental options, but you get to choose what is sent to you. You have a month to send it back (and if you don’t – not a problem. You are just charge for another month of rental!). They also allow you buy the clothing as well.

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