The Best Pregnancy Book for Modern Moms

“Preggers” by Chelsea Johnson is a funny pregnancy book that has tons insightful information, endearing stories that will make you cry, and laugh-out-loud funny moments that will have you cherishing this book for a lifetime. It definitely tops the list of ‘best pregnancy book’ in the Clarks Condensed community!

When my mom was pregnant with my little brother, I remember seeing the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” sitting on her bookshelf.

It seemed like it was the bible for pregnant women.

When I was pregnant with my first, I remember going straight for that book when I was pregnant – as well as it’s sequel, What to Expect the First Year.

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While it certainly has great information, it’s a little bit…bland.

Okay, a lot bit bland. Nothing like the movie based off the book…which is absolutely hilarious.

My friend, Chelsea, announced awhile back that she was writing a book about pregnancy, and I knew it was going to be a good one. Chelsea is the author of Life With My Littles, which is a very real, funny, and engaging website about pregnancy and motherhood.

I anxiously watched as she share bits and pieces of writing her book on Instagram, so I was thrilled when she let me get a sneak peak of her book.

The book is called Preggers, which I think is the perfect name. It’s hip, up to date, and straight forward. You can read a little bit more behind the book here.

best pregnancy book

You guys, within the first 20 pages, I had laughed and cried. Chelsea has a very down to earth way of writing, and she has such a love for the topic of pregnancy. It shines through throughout her book, and I think any mother-to-be who reads this book will feel her passion.

Here’s Chelsea herself describing the book:

Not only does she offer insight into her own experiences, but she makes sure to give research based information to help you through your pregnancy. She has combined the perfect balance of being funny and engaging with informative and smart – which isn’t always an easy combination when you are talking about anything medical-related.

Chelsea isn’t a “birth professional”, but I think that plays to her advantage in this book. She gives sound advice – and definitely does not try to replace that of a professional – but she does so in a way that you feel like you’re talking to your best friend. Not just someone trying to jam as much technical information into a book as possible.

Chelsea has given birth to three beautiful little children, and she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to dealing with everything from infertility to surprise pregnancies, the challenges and triumphs of pregnancy, and the beautiful process of birth. I love that this book is done in first person – it makes it feel more “real”.

Helping pregnant moms is something I feel very passionate about. After having two difficult pregnancies, I’ve realized how important it is for mothers to have someone that they can talk to that they feel comfortable with. I’ve also discovered how little information mothers are given beyond “this is what happens when you have a baby. Then you go home. The end”. Chelsea has added a wonderful resource to the much needed world of prenatal and postnatal education, and I’m grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Chelsea better through our shared love of pregnancy and motherhood.

(Fun fact – Chelsea and I grew up in the same area and even are members of the same church – though we were in different congregations. I’m pretty sure I never talked to her once, and now I’m wondering why not, because she’s awesome).

This is a book you’ll keep on your shelf long after your child-bearing years to pass on to your friends, future daughters and daughter-in-laws, and who knows – even a random stranger on the street. I really believe this is the pregnancy book of the 21st century that all moms should have in their collection.

“Preggers” is available through Chelsea’s website and on Amazon.


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