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Just a few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how, when, and where to buy affordable maternity clothes. I know that this can be a concern for many moms because the affordable stuff can often be poor quality (and ugly) and the expensive stuff is well…expensive! When you wear something for such a short period of time, it’s hard to want to invest.

I just thought I’d update you all with another great way to find affordable maternity clothes – and you don’t have to leave your house! Bella Gravida, which means Beautifully Pregnant in Italian, is a new monthly clothing subscription service created specifically for maternity clothing! I’ve used plenty of other subscription services in the past, but this is the first company I have seen that caters to pregnant women!

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For a flat monthly fee, pregnant and nursing mothers are able to have access to thousands of maternity and nursing outfits with free shipping AND unlimited exchanges, and the clothing are available in so many styles – from classic, to Bohemian, and Southern Chic! There are no return deadlines, there’s an included laundry service, and so many beautiful styles. The monthly pricing plans start at $39.

I didn’t hear about this company in time to use it for this pregnancy, but I’m really interested in the nursing clothing (because if you breastfeed, you know the challenge of finding functional and cute nursing clothing.) I just thought you’d all like to know about another great option for finding maternity clothing! You can find out more about this company on their website, Facebook, and Twitter!


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