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Obviously, my baby is always moving. Even though this little GIF doesn’t totally demonstrate that, you can probably get an idea of what I deal with every single day. The only times he sits still are when he’s eating, or he’s asleep. And even then…I don’t think he’s actually still the entire time.

And changing his diaper? Probably my least favorite part of the day! I have to wrestle him to get him to lay down long enough to even get the diaper somewhat secured. Let me tell you, it’s not fun. And I’m sure other moms of active little ones can totally relate. Ever since Jack started to move, he hasn’t stopped!

However, there is one part of the dressing process Jack actually loves. Putting on his pants. Don’t ask me why, but he gets SO excited, and even attempts to put them on himself. That’s why I was really excited about trying out Huggies SlipOn diapers when I was given the chance. As you can tell, Jack was excited, too.



As I hoped it would, diaper changing time suddenly went from WWE Smackdown, to Jack literally jumping up and down because he was SO excited to put the diapers on, while he was standing up. And, they are just as easy to take off.

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The stretchy sides made them easy to pull up — he even could do it himself. They seemed to form to his shape, and the sides were adjustable as well, which is nice, so you can adjust them to fit your baby just perfectly.

And, of course, as soon as the diaper was on, he started crawling away as fast as he could, in typical Jack style, before I could even put the rest of his clothes on!



Good thing he’s so cute!

Of course, no diaper is perfect. The first few days, we had some issues with them containing his (TMI alert) bowel movements, which, admittedly are more runny than most babies that would be wearing these diapers (because of his digestive issues.) However, after making sure we pulled the diaper up straight, and adjusted the straps, this hasn’t happened again! In addition, we felt that these were great for keeping Jack dry during the day, but at night, we preferred to use our go-to overnight diapers because he tends to go to bed at 7:00, and not get up until 7:00, which is just a little too long for your average diaper to hold up.

However, these diapers made changing time so much less stressful. Whenever I try to put another type of diaper on Jack, he automatically thinks it’s a slip on, and gets rather upset when he realizes it isn’t!

Whether he’s climbing a slide . . .


Cooking up a masterpiece . . .


or playing tennis . . .


Huggies’ Slip On diapers make it easy for Jack to move around as much as he wants, and if by chance he needs a diaper change during one of these fun events, we can do it quick as a flash, and he can be on his merry way again!

If you want to try out these diapers yourself, be sure to print this coupon for $2 off a package of Huggies Slip On diapers, 20 count or higher. . You can buy them at Target, available in sizes 3 and up, though I’m sure you can find them other places as well.

And, because I know how expensive diapers (and everything else) can be, we are giving away a $25 gift card to Target (which is also my favorite place, ever)! It starts today and goes through next Wednesday at midnight. No, you don’t have to buy diapers with it 😉 Good luck!

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