Tips for Changing a Wiggly Toddler’s Diaper

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So, does anyone like diaper changing?

How about with a wiggly and very mobile toddler?

No takers? Understandable. Ever since Jack could start to scoot, crawl, and especially walk, I’ve dreaded the task of changing his diaper very much. He definitely takes it to a whole other level, especially at his current age.

It’s not that he is mad about changing his diaper — it’s that he seems to think it’s a game! He arches his back, kicks his feet up and down, and tries to roll away, and laughs his head off in the process. Thankfully, we’ve been able to master the art of changing a toddler’s diaper, and I thought we’d share our infinite wisdom with all of you.

1) Huggies Slip On Diapers 

So, we first tried these diapers quite a few months ago when Jack was first starting to walk, and he was starting to get more wiggly. They were fine back then, but we went back to our normal brand after that box was up. However, we decided to try them again now, and I’m sold this time around. Jack is obsessed with them. He loves being able to put them on himself. While we obviously still have to do the process of changing his diaper, he doesn’t start running away before we put his diaper on, because he loves to put it on himself. Plus, they are easier to change in my opinion! The slip on diapers have tabs that make it easy to remove and change without making a big mess.


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2) Ground Changing Station

Changing tables are great. They aren’t as hard on your back, and well, it’s nice to have an area totally dedicated to that task. Until your child decides that it’s fun to a) try and jump off or b) fling himself off the table (with you standing right there) and land in the trash can. Not that that has ever happened to us…ANYWAYS. We recently started bringing out a portable changing mat and placing it on the ground. Ours is rather large, so he can roll a little bit without making mess, and, most importantly, he’s not at risk for hurting himself!

3) Involve Them

This kind of goes along with #1. Involve your child! I’ve found that if Jack knows he plays an important part in what we are doing, he’s far more likely to cooperate. I always ask him to find the diapers and wipes, and he always gets so excited about doing that. With the Huggies Slip On Diapers, he feels even more involved in the process…so it’s a win-win all around!

4) Distract Them

When all else fails, you gotta bring out the big guns — as in, distraction. Ever since Jack started getting wiggly during changes, without fail, when I give him a toy (or a shoe…or a diaper…), it distracts him for just long enough for me to at least clean him up. Books are also a great option!

Those are just a few simple tips to make changing a wiggly toddler easier — do you do anything in particular?


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