15 Ways to Ask Your Child How Their Day Went


With two young children in school I’m constantly wondering how their day is going.

“Are they playing with friends at recess?”

“Did they meet anyone new?”

“What are they learning about?”

And every day when they get home, my first question is “So, how was your day?”

And honestly, I usually get a “Good!” or “Fine!” as they run off to play. This leaves me wanting more. A “good” or “fine” is a positive answer but it doesn’t tell me a whole lot about what went on during their day.

As a parent it’s hard not to pry and it’s easy to jump all over our kids the second they walk in the door. Giving them a little space when they get home is something I’m working on.

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I have noticed that if I let them come home, decompress and then ask them questions about their day- they are much more receptive.

Set the stage

As soon as I see my kids after school I can’t help but say “how was your day?” and I do think that’s okay. It’s natural and easy.

But if I want more from them than a quick response- I’ve learned to pick my moment.

Something that has worked for me is sitting down with my children after school. I let them come in, hang up their backpacks, and relax for a few minutes before inviting them to the kitchen table where we enjoy a snack together.

Usually I have fruits and veggies and dip or cookies, crackers and cheese or nuts- they love it!





What to Ask

Here are a list of thought provoking questions you can ask your child at the end of their day that will hopefully get them talkingWhat is something that made you laugh today?


  • How did you help someone today?


  • How did you help someone today?


  • What made you happy today?


  • What made you sad?


  • Tell me about recess


  • Tell me one thing you learned today


  • Tell me one thing you are struggling with


  • Tell me one thing that made you proudest today


  • Who do you want to become better friends with?


  • Who is the funniest child in your class?


  • What do you look forward to the most each day?


  • If you could be the teacher, what would you teach the class?


  • Name all the kids in your class and one thing you like about them


  • If you could switch seats with anyone, who would it be?


  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your day?


These  thought starters are a great way to help your children open up about their day.

Sitting down together, enjoying a snack and creating a non-threatening environment truly helps children feel safe and loved and they may not even notice that you are essentially asking them “how  their day went.”

To them, they are just making memories and enjoying a moment with you!




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