Dear Mr. Trump

You weren’t my first (or sixteenth) choice for the Republican nominee.

In fact, I kind of thought it was a joke when you started running for president.

But when you became the nominee, I felt like I could support your  policies (for the most part).

Some may call me deplorable, uneducated, or any number of other words for doing that. But in my mind, I believed that you were the best option in an impossible campaign.

The media built you up during the primaries, only to pick apart your every move afterwards.

Some of the time this was justified. You really have said some dumb and offensive things.

Other times? Well, I think they stretched the truth just a little bit.

I know what it’s like to want to defend yourself and get the last word in. I can be the same way.

But sometimes you have to know when to stop.

Still, I supported you, though more and more begrudgingly each day.

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However, when the tapes of you were released the other day with your “locker room banter”, something inside me snapped.

I literally felt sick as I saw these words spread like wildfire across the Internet.

I stayed awake half the night, replaying those words in my mind.

Yes, they were said over a decade ago.

But they were said. And they were bad.

People have asked why it took this to make people look at you differently.

Honestly, I asked myself that as well. Of all the things you have said and done – why this?

And then I realized why:


My boys.

And it wasn’t just your comments. It was the comments I saw defending what you said.

“This is just how men are.”

“I hear stuff like this from men all the time.”

“Who cares? Would you expect anything else from men?”

Why is it that this is what has become acceptable for men?

I looked at my sweet, innocent boys playing in their room, and it made me scared for the world they are growing up in.

Where that kind of talk and language is not only accepted but expected of men.

That’s not the kind of men I want my boys to grow up to be.

I want them to grow up with role models that show them how to respect their mother, their friends, and their future wives.

I want them to be able to listen to the President speak and me not worry about what might come out of his mouth.

Some might call that a silly dream – but honestly, we need to expect more from our boys.

My children are blessed to have many great male role models in their life.

But it worries me about the kind of other influences they’ll encounter through life…the kind that think “locker room talk” is okay.

People who see what you say and how you excused it and think that it’s okay.

It’s not okay. And no one should make them think it is.

You see, Mr. Trump, I believe people can change.

I don’t believe I could call myself a follower of Christ if I said otherwise.

And I want to believe you have as you stated in your apology video.

Your wife said she forgave you – and that the man in that video isn’t the man she knows.

And I believe your wife is a very respectable, smart woman.

However, in the debate, you simply dismissed it as “just words” and “locker room” talk…and I wish you had said more.

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Regardless of what some say, I do believe you have some redeeming qualities that would make you a good leader.

I haven’t decided for sure who I will vote for. I wish you could have made that decision easier.

But I want you to know why so many people are appalled by your comments.

And this is why I was.

Yes, there are more important things to focus on. But for me, my children are the most important.

And they deserve better.

So please, show us (and the rest of America) that you have really have changed.

Because when I cast my ballot on November 8th, I want to make sure I cast it for the right person.


A concerned mother





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