40+ LEGO Boredom Buster Activities

The best part about LEGO bricks is that they can help children use their imagination.

That was one of the main themes from The LEGO Movie.

LEGO bricks are one of the few things I feel okay with Jack playing with everyday. He is so imaginative with his play, however, it can be fun to mix your Lego play up a bit.

Here are 40 ideas that involve playing with LEGO bricks, organizing LEGO bricks, and reading/watching LEGO characters. They are somewhat in order. Some of the first few are projects to make playing with LEGO bricks easier and less messy.

Thank you to LEGO for sending us some fun products to help create this post!

  1. Set LEGO mini-figure Batman and Robin Alarm Clock
    • Use these extra big and cool LEGO alarm clocks to help your child wake up on time for awesome Lego activities!
    • Practice setting time for different activities of the day like, eating breakfast, going to the store, or getting ready for bed.
  2. Organize your LEGO pieces
    • For all you future projects, I think it helps to have your pieces categorized and separated out. Who wants half the time of playing with Legos to feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. Here are some great organizers.
    • You can also make a LEGO Playmat that doubles as storage as well.
  3. Make a LEGO traveling case
  4. Make a LEGO table
    • Buy an IKEA side table, a plastic toy storage bin, and with a little wood and a few nails you could have an awesome LEGO table.
    • Add some peel ‘n stick building brick mats to make your table twice as cool and easier to build.
    • It will help your child focus their LEGO play in one spot, and not the floor all over the house.
  5. Assemble a new set.
  6. Create a folder for instructions so they don’t get lost and torn easily.
  7. Watch The LEGO Movie
    • Attempt to not get the song stuck in your head (but don’t be too sad if you do…Because, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME ;-).
  8.  Free play
    • Create something original
  9. Make letters, numbers, or shapes using LEGO blocks.
  10. Make LEGO Jell-O, cake or popsicles with a mold.
  11. Watch homemade LEGO Movies on YouTube
    • Check out some of our favorites at the bottom of this post
  12. Make a stop action video
    • You could just try doing a time lapse video if you don’t have the patience for a stop action video
  13. Recreate your house or something your child sees regularly.
  14. Make the tallest LEGO tower you can.
  15. Put together a DUPLO set.
    • They are great for younger children, and they can still allow for good, imaginative play for older children.
    • Jack enjoyed putting together the DUPLO My Town Family House recently that reminded me of a cool doll house. Oliver has had a lot of fun with it as well (he likes to brush people’s hair with the little brushes). 
  16. Take some LEGO themed pictures around the house or in your yard.
    • Have a LEGO guy climbing a blade of grass or something like that.
  17. Make a LEGO birdhouse
    • If you are willing to sacrifice some bricks for a while, make a birdhouse that a bird could actually live in.
  18. Word Builder
    • Put masking tape pieces on LEGO DUPLO blocks
      • Write letters on the tape.
      • Create words with the letters.
  19. Make sentences with LEGO blocks
    • Put masking tape pieces on LEGO blocks.
    • Write words on them.
    • Make sentences out of the words.
  20. LEGO marble maze
    • On a LEGO baseplate make a maze that you can tilt a marble through to get to the end.
  21. Make a Car
  22. Build a Train
  23. Build a Dinosaur
  24. Build targets for foam or plastic darts or balls
  25. Play Tic Tac Toe
    • Create a board, and pieces to represent X’s and O’s.
  26. Visit a LEGO art installation near you.
    • Our local zoo has really cool LEGO animals, and we barely missed another traveling exhibit at a mall near our house. Always keep your ears and eyes open for these!
  27. Check out LEGOLAND in California
    • You could try “walking around” LEGO land on Google Earth
    • Plus, you can watch videos on YouTube.
    • You could always go in person! We are excited to go this fall.  You can get the best deals from Get Away Today, and if you book a Southern California vacation, you can get $10 off using the code ClarksCondensed.
  28. Do a LEGO “Fire Walk”
    • Put a bunch of LEGO bricks on the ground like hot coals, and walk across them.
    • I do not promise that this might injure you. Don’t sue me!
  29. LEGO Zipline
    1. It is pretty simple. Secure some kind of string from a high to low place.
    2. Build something that goes around the string. Let it go!
  30. Read The Batman Movie: The Essential Guide
  31. Watch The LEGO Batman Movie
  32. Take a screen shot of a scene from The LEGO Batman Movie and try to recreate it.
    • They purposefully made the movie so this could be done, though it would be very hard to do it perfectly. Practice makes perfect!
  33. Build a balloon powered LEGO car.
    • Kind of like this. You can make a more robust design. It looks like the car should be wide and large so the balloon doesn’t drag.
  34. Make LEGO  jewelry
    • Create something nice for your Mom. Maybe super glue it together, and drill a hole through it.
    • Put a string or necklace through the hole to wear.
  35. The Batman Movie Ultimate Sticker Collection
    • It has more than 1000 stickers.
    • Also, it tests your knowledge and recall of the The LEGO Batman Movie.
  36. Make a catapult.
    • Find a hinge with something you can attach to it in order to launch stuff!
  37. Video: A how it’s made video about LEGO on YouTube.
  38. Read Some LEGO Batman Stories
  39. Lego Digital Designer
    • It is a downloadable program you can use to make lots of fun LEGO designs.
    • They have lots of parts to choose from, and you can save and print your scenes when you’re done.
  40. Read Batman’s Guide to Being Cool!
    • It is narrated by Batman, and it is a fun bedtime read.
    • Plus, you get to learn how to be cool from Batman!
  41. Put together a LEGO Brickheadz set for Mom or Dad’s desk.
    1. Katie put together a Batgirl Brickheadz with Jack, and they really had a lot of fun! This is a great collection.


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