The BEST Cooking Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Kids Who Like to Cook

Cooking Gifts for Kids

Both of my boys love to help out in the kitchen – and I love it, too!

It’s always been important to me to help them learn how to cook and enjoy doing it. They’ve been cooking with me since they’ve been in the womb!

Teaching children to cook when they  are young is so important. It’s a life skill that will greatly benefit their life.

Cooking gifts for kids are a great way to help instill a love cooking in them. I was pleasantly surprised with how many fun, inventive and captivating things they have for kids who love to cook! Hopefully you’ll love this list just as much as I do.


Cooking Gift Ideas for Kids

Kid’s Cooking Subscription Boxes


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Raddish Kids

From their website:

Kitchen Kid believes edible education is the essential ingredient to raising healthy, happy children. For over 7 years, our team has delighted to see learning come alive in the kitchen classroom, where kids mix math, simmer science, and taste fun! Raddish adapts Kitchen Kid’s proven techniques, engaging lessons, and delightful recipes and packages them for your home kitchen.  

The possibilities and ideas really are endless. You can incorporate cooking and baking with toys, books and games.

Kid’s Cook Books

Cook Book


Cook books make great gifts and there are so many child friendly cook books out there. Most books come with kid-friendly, easy recipes that help kids feel like they are doing it all on their own. It will help them learn how to read recipes and follow directions.

Cook By Colour

This is  the only book designed for young children who haven’t yet learned to read. This fully illustrated cookbook comes with a complete set of colour-coded measuring cups and spoons along  with 25 kid-friendly recipes.

Kid’s Cooking Tools

Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set

This comes with everything your little one needs to begin their career in baking. With bright colors and designed perfectly with kid in mind- it’s the perfect set to help your kids start out with.

Kid’s Covered Baker Set

This is a great set for a budding cook – and it’s one they can take with them when they move out someday!

Kid Friendly Cooking Utensils

These cooking utensils are great for new chefs. Kids will love having them be “just their own”.

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are great for cookies, baking , tracing and play-doh- the possibilities are endless! You’ll find anything you need with this set that comes with 101 different shapes.

Curious Chef Caddy Collection

I love how this kit comes with so many different kitchen utensils- along with a handy carrying case. It will help little ones learn what different items are use for and help them feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Kids Pizza Set

I have my eye on this for Jack! The kid LOVES pizza!

Kids Cake Decorating Kit

This comes with several frosting tips that you can use to make different designs on cakes and cupcakes. The silicone cupcake liners are great to use time after time.

Personalized Apron

What kid would not love their own apron customized with their name?  It is such a fun way to make cooking and baking fun!


Kid’s Cooking Appliances

Easy Bake Oven- Girl Scout Cookie Oven


This classic toy is back and better than ever in this fashionable design with the Girl Scout logo.


Herb Garden Kit


Your kids will love to plant their own herb garden. Not only will it be fun to watch it progress but it will them learn to care for and grow the food they eat.


Zoku Popsicle Maker- Fish Pop Molds

These are so cute and kid friendly. Making Popsicles is a childhood memory that I hold dear and I know so many little ones love to enjoy.

Ice Cream Maker

Start them out with this basic ice cream maker that will help them learn the easy steps to making ice cream all on their own.

Cooking Imaginary Play

Fake Food Slicing Set

Some of my nieces have this toy and they have loved it! It is fun for toddlers up to adults even! There is something soothing and therapeutic about slicing these wooden toys.

Shopkins Kitchen Set

If your kids love Shopkins- and cokking- then they need to have this! It’s a cute little kitchen for all their Shopkins to play in.

Cooking Puzzle

Puzzles are a classic gift that never go out of style and can be appreciated at any age. This cute puzzle with a cooking theme is perfect for any child that loves to cook.

Cookie Puzzle

This adorable cookie Christmas puzzle would be a fun addition to all the presents going under the tree.

Chef Hat

Every chef needs a hat, right?

Melissa and Dough Cupcake Set

I love the Melissa and Dough sets and this cupcake one is no exception with its ability to decorate the cupcakes and helps them use their imagination to their fullest.

Play Kitchen

If your kid loves to cook then they need this adorable play kitchen! I think every kid needs a play kitchen  and this one is so realistic and sturdy. Your kids will have endless hours of play with this!

One to Ten Counting Cans

This is something I want to get my youngest this year. Each can comes with plastic food that matches the can. It is an awesome way to help them learn to count.

Melissa and Dough Chef Dress Up

If you’re looking for more than just the chef’s hat- you’ll want to get the entire outfit complete with hat, chef’s coat and utensils.




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