Don’t Run Out of Essentials! Avoid the “Oops!”

Here are  a few of the members of my big, happy, kind of crazy extended family who  gathered together this past Father’s Day.


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Some of us aren’t even related, but we all still felt like family. When I prepare dinner for a crowd this big, I almost always use  paper plates, and this was no exception. So imagine my dismay when a couple of weeks earlier, as I was planning for another large family gathering, I discovered that  I was out of my Dixie Ultra paper plates! It certainly put a damper on my excitement to realize that I would have two or three loads of dishes to wash after the fun was over.

Until I get my dream kitchen with two automatic dishwashers, paper plates are a must for large gatherings, and Dixie Ultra are my favorites. The package says they are cut-proof and soak-proof, and guess what–they really are. I even used a steak knife on this plate without any problems.

I received  Proctor and Gamble products free from in exchange for doing this post. All the opinions are strictly mine. I already knew I was a fan of Dixie Ultra paper plates, but I was kind of nervous trying out some things I hadn’t used before, and hoped they would be as good as they were advertised. I have found all of them to be of the reliable high quality I have come to expect from Proctor and Gamble. Let me share just a few of my experiences.

P&G Products

I always rinse my plates and soak my pans before I put them in the dishwasher. Always. Always. Always. So it was with some hesitation that I followed the instructions on Cascade Platinum dishwasher tabs and didn’t rinse off the plates and other dishes I used for dinner one night. They came out sparkling clean! What a relief! My husband even remarked that the glasses looked extra sparkly.

Cascade after

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The real test was the silverware, and they passed with flying colors.

Because the dishes came out so perfectly, I was ready for the next test–washing pans that had sat overnight without even being rinsed. I will admit I did use the pots and pans cycle on my dishwasher, and I’m sure that helped as well. Still, I’ve never had pans come out as clean as they did when I used Cascade Platinum.

Am I switching to Cascade Platinum? Oh, yeah! To make sure you aren’t caught short on items you consider essential (and I have added Cascade Platinum to that list!) I highly recommend using   to stock up on products you wouldn’t want to unknowingly run out of. Just go to their website  and select what you want, and when you reach $50 worth, your shipping is free. They will usually be delivered within a few days.

Another option you have is to select the “site to store” shipping option, where you can have your order sent to your favorite Walmart store where you will pick it up. There is no shipping charge. Proctor and Gamble is promoting their products through Walmart. com with this tagline  “Avoid the Oops” . Go to  now to see all the items you can order online.

Another new product I loved were the Tide Pods laundry detergent. You just drop one into the drum of your washer, pile the clothes on top, select your settings, and start your wash. My clothes came out clean and fresh and I was very happy to avoid the mess that liquid detergent can sometimes make. I had avoided trying these before because –well, they were new and kind of different–I mean what is a pod? And I’m basically old school anyway, but I will definitely be buying these again.

Another product I love because I have learned that one will do when I need two bargain brand for the same meal, is Bounty Quilted Napkins. Since I’m in charge of bringing paper goods for our family reunion in August I’m happy to say I have a nice stockpile of these that I will be taking with me.

Bounty napkins

I also tried Dixie Everyday Plates and found them to be perfect for serving dessert to a large crowd. I really do use real dishes most of the time, but when your house is full of extra people of all ages, isn’t paper a wonderful alternative?  As well as products that clean dishes and clothing with less work?Wouldn’t you rather have a clean kitchen AND have the dishes done with more ease so you can spend some extra time with your family? Some of whom you may not get to see that often?

Maudsley visit

Well, that’s my philosophy and that’s why I stock up on items that make my life easier and less messy. I hope you will, too.

Let me know what Proctor and Gamble products you consider essential and how you make sure you don’t unexpectedly run out of them!


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