Fun Birthday Traditions

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It’s hard to believe that a year ago, we were just about to check into the hospital for the second time, and that in less than seven hours, our lives would change forever. This past year with baby Jack has been the hardest and most tiring year of our lives. However, it has also been the most fulfilling, joyful, and happy. Jack has brought so much love and peace into our home, and we can’t imagine our lives without him. Today we celebrate him, and to be honest, all of us making it through this first year!

Even though Jack won’t remember anything about this birthday, I’ve been planning it for months. I was so excited for him to wake up, and he started clapping as soon as I started singing happy birthday to him. I think that everyone should feel special on their birthday, and we have lots of traditions. Here are a few of them:

Birthday Table

Growing up, we always had a birthday table waiting for us on our birthdays. This was something I always looked forward to, because you knew it was a special day from the moment you woke up. My mom always put down the cloth tablecloth with balloons on it, and hung up a happy birthday sign. The cake of our choice would be sitting around, as well as with all our presents and birthday cards. Since Forrest and I got married, I’ve carried on this tradition, and was SO excited to set Jack’s up for him. After a quick run to the Dollar Tree last night, I was able to get a Happy Birthday sign, and a birthday tablecloth as well! Oddly enough, the tablecloth looks exactly like the one my mom has (except for it’s plastic and way cheap.) I hope this is something Jack comes to look forward to every year!

Present Opening
Another tradition I’ve carried on from my childhood is opening one present in the morning. I think it’s so fun just to have a little treat like that at the beginning of the day. Especially because kids get SO excited about opening presents, it’s just a fun little teaser for later that night. I was impressed that Jack knew exactly what to do. He opened the present all by himself, and was thrilled to see what it was — a snack container!
Birthday Chalkboard
Something I came up with for this year was getting a black piece of poster board, and writing some of the fun facts about Jack from the year. Then I framed it, and had it waiting for him on his birthday table. I think this will be something fun for our kids to look forward to each year, and I’ll enjoy putting together. One day, it will be cool to be able to have all these pictures together, as kind of a mini history. Jack seemed to think it was kind of fun! (And I know it looks like it says he’s 9.5 pounds…Don’t worry, he’s 19.5 pounds 🙂
Dairy Free Coconut Cake
And of course, we can’t forget the birthday cake. I was beginning to think it was going to be a tradition for the birthday cakes I make to be a complete and utter disaster, after Forrest’s birthday cake this last year:
Cake Fail
But fortunately, Jack’s cake turned out just perfectly. It’s even dairy free (look for a recipe coming soon!), and I think is one of my best tasting cakes ever. The coconut covered up the poor icing job, fortunately. Jack obviously couldn’t pick the flavor of his cake this year, but in the future, that will be the job of the birthday boy!
And be sure to come back tomorrow, where I will continue with birthday fun by discussing ways to save money when celebrating birthdays!

What kinds of traditions does your family have for birthdays? 


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  • Awwwww... cute! I love these! We just celebrated our baby girl's first birthday about 1 month ago. I love the idea of the present in the morning! :)

    Oh, and I have the exact same issue with baking cakes, lol! My husband's birthday cake last year tasted AMAZING, but looked awful. Baby girl's cake was beautiful. :) My husband's birthday is in less than 2 weeks. I am planning this carrot cake cheesecake deal. Fingers crossed it turns out delicious (oh, and also not hideous)!

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