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Ever since I had Jack, I’ve found that I have a hard time hearing any sad news, especially when children are involved. Despite my desire to know what’s going on in the world, I unsubscribed from all the news pages I followed on Facebook, simply because there is just too much sadness reported on. I think whenever I heard of something terrible happening where a child is involved, my heart breaks a little bit.

When something happens to someone I know, it’s even sadder. I’m not someone who thinks, “that never could happen to me or someone I know,” because sadly, I’ve seen terrible things happen in my community and people I love. Regardless, when something tragic happens to someone I love, or to someone that a member of my family knows and loves, it’s sad and heartbreaking.

A few months ago, my sister, Cindy, sent out a family chat text, asking for us all to pray for her sweet friend, Sara, and her family. She had just given birth to a little boy named Jacob, who passed away shortly after. Of course, this just broke my heart. Even though I only had met Sara maybe once, she is one of Cindy’s very closest friends, and I know she is an incredibly kind person. My thoughts turn to her family often, as I can’t even imagine what they’ve gone through in the past few months.

My sister asked if I would share with our blog readers something that Sara has organized to help keep the memory of Jacob alive. There was no way I couldn’t when I read what Sara wrote, and I hope that if you find yourself touched as well, you’ll consider donating a book for this. Here’s the request in Sara’s own words:

Life has a way of moving fast. Depending on our season of life, that can be a good thing or a bad thing. More than three months have passed since I gave birth to Jacob. When I think of three months in relation to spending time with my living children, it seems to have gone by amazingly fast. My kids change constantly and learn new things daily that remind me how grown up they are becoming. I love every day with them, even the hard days. However, reflecting on the three months we’ve lived without Jacob, life feels like it’s moving at a snail’s pace. Like the days couldn’t drag on any slower.

I think of him and pray to feel his presence every day. I pray that I will always remember his fresh-from-heaven smell and perfect little body. I pray others will also remember his sweet face from time to time. I never want him to be forgotten simply because he isn’t physically here with our family.

I have taken advantage of many opportunities to remember and honor Jacob. Keeping my mind actively engaged in this way has helped me cope and heal. Recently, I decided to organize something on a slightly larger scale that will ideally involve family, friends, neighbors and other members of the community.

As part of this effort, we will be collecting new and/or slightly used children’s books and donating them to my kids’ amazing pediatric office. Like I have mentioned before, the doctors in that office are very dear to our hearts. All books collected will be stored within the office waiting room on a bookshelf that bears Jacob’s name. I picture sitting in that waiting room and watching kids reading books that were donated in honor of Jacob. I also imagine my own kids reading them, knowing they are there because of their brother. The thought of this is both exciting and emotional for me. I just want to keep his memory alive.

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If you would like to donate a book, it can be given directly to me and/or my family members, dropped off at my home, mailed to the address listed below, or I would also be willing to pick them up from you!

PO Box 547
Centerville, Utah 84014

Thank you in advance for helping our family honor baby Jacob. It means so much to us. We want this to be fun and memorable for everybody, so please share this and spread the word to your friends and family!


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