The Best Minute to Win It Games for All Ages

Minute to win it games make for a fun and exciting group competition. We love playing it with our family, and everyone of all ages enjoy the minute to win it challenges. Here are some of our favorite easy minute to win it games that are great for all ages!

minute to win it games

Minute to Win it Challenges

Nothing brings out more fun in people than Minute to Win it games.

They are typically  60-second challenges that use objects that are commonly available around the house.  These games can be played with large or small groups and can go on for hours because they are so much fun!

These games are particularly fun for family reunions (be sure to check out our post with our favorite family reunion games). It’s a  great way to get everyone involved and they are perfect for all ages. And it can help break the ice between family members, too!

Here are a few of our favorite Minute to Win it games that are always a hit. If you need some snacks for your party, here are some yummy snacks that are great for groups!

Before we get started, if you want a minute to win it challenge that is totally put together with the challenges, score cards, and more, be sure to check out this fun packet – it’s only $15 and all you have to gather the supplies, print the instructions, and go! It’s really an amazing packet.

Easy Minute to Win It Games

Hanky Panky 

This is one is a classic Minute to Win It game and fun for all ages! You will need:

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  • 1 Large Box of Tissues per person

Full instructions can be found here (it is Game #6 – she has lots on this post!)

Baby Rattle

This might get a little loud but imagine how fun it is for everyone! The object is to rattle the  gum balls or marbles into the second bottle as fast as you can.

You will need:

  • Multiple two liter bottles taped together
  • Small gumballs

Full instructions can be found here – multiple games included in this post.

Junk in the Trunk

Fill an empty tissue box 8 golf balls and attach to your waist.

Wiggle, wiggle, and wiggle some more until the balls have fallen out.

At a recent family party, we played a couple of classic ones, but they were pretty fun:

Cup Stacking and Collapsing

You have teams of two (as many as you’d like, but we just played with two at time). Each team has a stack of SOLO cups. One person on the team has to stack them as fast as they can, and then the other teammate has to collapse them onto each other without letting the cups fall. Whoever gets the fastest time gets the most points!

Cup Restacking

You have a stack of SOLO cups – all of them being the same color except for one. Whoever is competing has to be the first to restack all the cups on top of each other and get the differing color to the top of the pile first.


Below you will find 20 more awesome ideas! Depending on the length of your activity, it’s ideal to have between 5 and 10 Minute to Win It Games Planned.


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