No Room for Groceries and Baby? Try this.

Do you ever go to the grocery store with your baby in their carrier and realize you have no room for groceries? This is what you need.

Shortly before Jack was born, Forrest read an article about the dangers of putting an infant car seat in the seat of a grocery cart.

Of course, since I’m the most paranoid person in the world, I refused to put his car seat up there, in fears of it falling out. So, we either put his car seat in the basket of the cart or I would wear him in my moby wrap.

Well, I often forgot my moby wrap, so in the basket of the cart his car seat went. Which left very little room for groceries. There was more than one occasion that we pushed two carts around the store!

With Oliver, we had even less room! We had Jack, who often wants to sit in the seat of the grocery cart, and Oliver, who we would put in his car seat in the basket. So, basically NO room for groceries.

I saw the Binxy Baby on Instagram, and I thought it was GENIUS. I reached out to the company to see if they’d be interested in working together, and they were. I was so excited when ours arrived in the mail

We decided to start offering user reviews to some of our readers here on Clarks Condensed. Basically, a company sends some of our readers a product, and in exchange, they give us their honest opinion.

I thought Binxy Baby would be the perfect product to do this with. Here are three reviews from real moms of babies. I think it’s safe to say we ALL approve of this product. I get SO many questions about it when we are at the store. It’s made grocery shopping a lot better! It’s very easy to use, and Oliver loves being able to look around.

You can buy the Binxy Baby on Amazon in a variety of colors. Babies who aren’t rolling over can be in the actual hammock, but if they are rolling over, you can put their car seat directly in it  (up to 50 lb max.)

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And here are three opinions from other mommas!

Katie W. from Utah

image1 (4)

I’m in love with the Binxy Baby! I was driving to the store and realized I forgot it, but I thought I could still make it a productive shopping trip — boy was I wrong! I could only fit 10 items in there with the carrier. When you’ve got the Binxy Baby you can completely FILL your cart and still have a happy, comfy baby. Our baby girl loves it too! It’s so nice that she can stretch out on a long trip, and it’s also very convenient to keep her in the carrier and in the Binxy Baby when it’s a quick trip. Definitely a must have.

Stacie P. from Utah


When I saw Binxy Baby on my friend’s Instagram, I knew I had to have it. A shopping cart hammock? Brilliant! I’m a Mom of two, on the short side of average height, and hauling a car seat into the grocery store has always been a pain. The shopping carts that have built in bases at the front were always too tall for me to see over.

The other alternative, was to put the entire car seat in the main basket of the cart. With my two year old in the front, this left practically zero space for groceries. When I tried the Binxy Baby for the first time, I was happy to see how easily the installation was. It took less than a minute for me to snap the sides over the edges of the cart and to secure with the velcro straps. My 5 month old loved the propped up position and being able to see what was going on around him.

My two year old, who sat in the front of the cart, loved that she could reach back and touch her baby brother’s toes.I only wish I had learned about product sooner! My babies are tall, and it looks like my son won’t be able to fit in it much longer. But I’ll definitely be using this product for future kids. I had several comments in the grocery store about what a brilliant product it was and my cashier even stopped scanning my items and came around the counter to get a better look. I am extremely happy with this product and will be recommending it to others.

Brittany G. from Florida


When I received my Binxy Baby Hammock, my son was already crawling all over the place. He had already rode in the front of the shopping cart a few times and I was worried he wouldn’t like riding in the hammock in his car seat as much. He doesn’t usually like his car seat unless he’s riding in a moving vehicle. I was surprised and very happy that he loved it! He looked much more comfortable than he ever did when riding in the front of the shopping cart and it took up the same or less room in my shopping cart! This was perfect for our diaper run tonight since those big boxes take up the whole cart! Thanks Binxy Baby!

Do you ever go to the grocery store with your baby in their carrier and realize you have no room for groceries? This is what you need.


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