LeapPad 3 Platinum Versus LeapPad Epic

Every parent wants their child to be smart and bright. They want them to be prepared and excel in school and beyond. In my experience, it was the brightest or most gifted children who succeeded. I don’t even think it was necessarily only those that could work hard. It was those for which school was actually the least like work. Those who succeed in school are most often those who enjoy school the most. I think that relates well to how valuable play can be in a child’s learning experience.

One guest lecturer at BYU had me convinced that we should scrap traditional schools and replace them with play focused schools with ‘teachers’ that provide resources and guidance to fuel children’s natural curiosity. Children learn more when they are engaged and excited, and they are most engaged and excited during interactive games. That is why I think the teaching power of LeapFrog games should not be underestimated.

LeapFrog was been a proven and respected educational game maker for two decades. They have stood the test of time, and they have perfected their products. I have been able to test, with Jack,  two of LeapFrog’s most recent tablets: the LeapPad Epic and the LeapPad 3 Platinum. They are a little different, but they both deliver on the classic Leap Frog entertaining education.

Both Tablets Include:

  • LeapSearch
  • Leap Frog games
  • Durability designed for kids
  • Just For Me learning technology
  • Quad-core processors
  • 7-inch touchscreens
  • 2MP front and rear cameras
  • headphone jack
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Parental Controls

Here are some of the unique features of each tablet:

LeapPad 3 Platinum

  • Imagicard compatible
    • Imagicards are cards that the tablet can recognize as different numbers, letters, or shapes in response to questions
  • Home button
  • Speaker is on the front
  • 8 GB Memory
  • Slot for cartridge games
  • Hard Shell
  • 5+ hrs of battery life


LeapPad Epic

  • 7-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • Operating system based on Android 4.4
  • Popular Leap Frog approved Android apps
  • Protective Bumper
  • Create-your-own-world game
  • 16GB Storage, expandable with Micro SD slot to 32GB
  • Bluetooth
  • 6+ hrs of battery life
  • Rear speakers sometimes muffle sound when tablet is laid down
  • 480p video recording


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Conclusion and Our Experience

These two tablets are both high quality tablets painstakingly designed just for kids. They have books, music, games, and movies. They are very interactive and engaging. They require kids to look, listen, touch, think, and interact. They are high quality devices that help make learning more fun and interesting. I believe has become much more excited about counting things since using the tablets. My hope is that such experiences will help him to enjoy learning and be more successful and happy in life. Plus, my dad thought the tablet would be good for some seniors too! He just aged into the senior discount range at some places, so he would know.

Jack says, “I think it is fun to play games on it!”


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