LDS Ministering Printable for June 2018

LDS Ministering Printable for June 2018

Happy June! With school ending and our family getting ready for a month full of travel, part of me didn’t even realize that June had even begun!

I’ve had a lot of impactful experiences in regards to ministering this past month, and my testimony of the new program has grown. I’ve realized the importance of us being involved in those who were minister to within our wards beyond just an occasional drop by or text message.

I truly believe that as we try to love those in our congregations and get to know them beyond the surface, our lives are blessed significantly.

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This month, I chose this quote from Elder Lynn G. Robbins from “Until Seventy Times Seven“, which was one of my favorite talks:

Our success, then, isn’t going from failure to failure, but growing from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm.

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I remember when I heard this quote, it really stood out to me. So often I feel like I’m just not doing a great job and that I’m just trying to do a lot of things half as well as I should be. However, when we do have those failures, it’s the adversary telling us that we are no good.

We all will have failures in our lives – it’s just a part of mortality. We are meant to fail and flounder at times – because if we don’t, we will stay stagnant in our growth. And our time here on earth is all about growth!

I hope that you’ll take this printable this month and share it with those you have been assigned to minister in some way. Make an extra effort to drop by. Put it in the mail (who doesn’t love getting mail!). Just reach out to them a little more than you have in the past.


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