Make Your Holidays More Affordable With This One Simple Trick

Make your holidays more affordable with this one simple trick. 


Growing up my mom always decorated for the holidays.

I remember getting so excited when the holiday or season changed and the next bin of decorations came down from the attic.  My siblings and I would then happily run around the house setting up each decoration. It truly made the holidays more memorable and exciting and I’m so grateful for the tradition of decorating for holidays because it is one that I hold dear to my heart.

Now that I am a mother and have a home of my own- I also enjoy decorating for the holidays.

I remember when I was first married- almost ten years ago- I felt so sad because I only had a few decorations for each holiday. Nothing compared to the bins and bins my parents had.  My husband reminded me that my parents had several years on us to make their collection and it might take us a little time to build up our own assortment.

And sure enough after ten years I can proudly say that little by little I have a very good amount of decorations- far more than the one or two we had ten years ago!

However, I have a trick that has helped me  so much with decorating for the holidays- and I would love to share it with you.

The best place to find amazing things is at your local thrift store.

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thank you to Deseret Industries and BonCom for partnering with us on this post. 

I recently went on a shopping trip to Deseret Industries– which is a very well-known thrift store here in Utah.  I wanted to be able to  show everyone that YOU can find some incredible holiday items at your thrift store! It can be done.

I know it might seem overwhelming to walk into a store packed with a lot of different things- which is why I have compiled some of my best tips to help you  on your search for decorations and costumes for any holiday.

Check the Seasonal Aisle

First things first. Hit up the “seasonal aisle”.

You will probably find items for all the holidays in this section which makes it easy to shop year-round. In this section you will find a little bit of everything. Even though I was shopping for Halloween and fall time things- I found a few Christmas items that I couldn’t pass up! Because people are constantly giving things away and cleaning out their storage there will always be seasonal decorations.




There were also plenty of Easter, Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving decorations in this section.


If there is a particular holiday coming up – check the end caps.  Most stores will place more relevant items at the end of the aisles. This is where I found several fun Halloween items- some brand new! I thought these “spooky” purple glasses would be a fun addition to my bottle collection I bring out during Halloween time! Which brings me to my next tip.


Get Creative

Some of the best costumes and decorating ideas come from the imagination. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. If you see something you like- try and think how you can make it work for your needs.

For example- I found these awesome composer statues and I just had to have them.

Since I was on the hunt for Halloween decorations I put some thought into how I could incorporate them into the holiday. I bought them and came up with the idea to “spook” them up a little by using red nail polish to color in their eyes and to add blood drops coming from their cheeks.


I walked up and down the store trying to find things that I could re- purpose.  Deseret Industries is the best place to find frames, baskets (think Easter baskets), holiday platters and books– all things that can be used for your holiday collection! I found a few older books and bought them to add to my spooky shelf in our living room.


Once you start using your imagination you will be able to come up with all sorts of things.


Look For Costumes

Whether you need costumes for Halloween or a costume for your child to wear to “cowboy day” at school – don’t waste your money buying something brand new!


I was blown away by the costumes at my thrift store.  There was everything from baby costumes to masks to accessories. Remember my “get creative ” rule applies to finding costumes, too!



Piece different items together. You might even find enough costumes to come up with a theme for your entire family– like this Dorothy and Cowardly Lion combo.


Going to Deseret Industries is also my go-to shopping place to find ugly sweaters each year for the Ugly Sweater party we go to. The saying “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” really couldn’t apply more here!


Give Back

The only way these stores work is if we donate our stuff!

So pay it forward and clean out your closets, your drawers and your play rooms regularly. Once you’ve used a costume or grown tired of a decoration- donate it back to the store for someone else to enjoy.

Not only does it feel good to de-clutter but it really can bless the lives of others to help them be able to afford to buy things they need at a discounted price.

 I hope you find these tips helpful! I know I have saved so much money buying second hand and it has made my holidays that much more affordable because I’m not breaking the bank purchasing brand new costumes and decorations!


Try out my tips and let us know the treasures you find.


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