Decorating with At Home for Halloween

Halloween is the start of the holiday decoration season and it’s one of my personal favorite holidays to decorate for!

Scary or fun, haunted or hilarious- you can go any direction when it comes to your spooky Halloween decor.

I typically make sure my indoor living space is filled with pumpkins, ghosts and witches but this year we wanted to decorate the outside of our house more than usual. Our neighborhood hosts a fun “trick-or-treat-street” for all the neighbors and it is so much fun for everyone to be surrounded by festive looking homes.

I took my family to our local At Home store.

At Home provides a full solution for their home, with a massive selection of specialty products for Halloween- and we were not disappointed! From day of the dead, to skeleton displays to light up pumpkins- they had it all! It was hard to narrow it down. Because they have every day low prices- we were able to purchase so many fun things even on a budget!

Every item we purchased was only  $20 or less.

It was so easy to pick out some fun things for our porch. My husband wanted to go with scary theme while I wanted to keep it a little more modern and fun. We were able to find so many cute decorations that went so well together and we were able to pull things together that fit both of our needs.

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Here is our porch before:

With a fun bat wreathe, a Halloween inspired mat and a few scary touches, we were able to transform our house to look more festive for the holiday.

With just a few fun decorations our home is now complete for Halloween!


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