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One thing about Jack being so little is that he doesn’t know how to read, therefore, he doesn’t read this blog…and I can do posts about presents he hasn’t yet received yet!

For today’s Birthday Week post, I thought I would share some gift ideas for toddler boys (though I’m sure girls can enjoy some of these too!) A few of these items we’ve got Jack for his birthday, or he received them at Christmas. I know I’m always looking around for fun ideas for him, and I think this is a nice list for anyone else that does the same. I’d love to hear any of your suggestions! affiliate links are used in this post


Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels

I saw the Go! Go! Smart Wheels sets at Target during Christmas, and I knew immediately I wanted to get Jack one for his birthday. They are so neat! The cars can be move automatically, there is fun music and learning features, and all of the sets can connect together. We got Jack the Smart Wheels Garage, and I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it. He loves anything that has wheels and goes vroom! I’m tempted to get the extra tracks just so there’s more places for the cars to go.


Busy Books

Jack got his first Busy Book at Christmas, and my sister gave him another one for his birthday. He loves them! They are hard cover books that come with nice playmats and miniature figurines from popular children’s characters, like Thomas, Doc McStuffins, and Cars. Jack always insists and having his cars and trains from these “sleep” in his bed. Though, if your child likes to put objects in their mouth, I would closely supervise them with this toy.

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Mega Bloks

When we went to the dentist recently, Jack loved playing with the Mega Bloks. A little bird may have told me that his Grammy and Grandpa Barker might be getting him some Mega Bloks for his birthday. I think they are the perfect size for toddler hands. As I was looking through the selection on Amazon, I really liked the Funny Animals and Wacky Wheels set.

Disney Bedtime Stories: 12 Board Book Block Tower

We found these at Target, and thought they were too cute to pass up. They are a collection of 10 classic Disney stories, and are the perfect size for Jack. He likes books that he can be kind of rough with, but have recognizable characters, which is why we thought these would be a fun gift for him.

A Ride Through the Neighborhood (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood)

Jack absolutely loves Daniel Tiger. We have probably seen every episode a million times, and I actually enjoy it too! The songs are catchy (Jack even sings along to them), and I think the show teaches good lessons. This book was only five dollars, and I couldn’t pass that up!


Thomas the Train Bath Squirters

I think little boys come pre-programmed to love Thomas the Train. I’m not even kidding — I feel like every one that I meet is obsessed with Thomas, Jack included. He always has to have his “Homas” by his side, and he could watch the show every day and be totally content. These bath squirters are fun, and perfect for non-bath fun, too.


CAT Preschool Express Train

This is a train set we got Jack for Christmas, and it was seriously the best first train set for a toddler. It says 3+ years, but I think it’s perfect for a two-year-old. It has sounds, it’s not too large, and it comes with a variety of vehicles. I think every toddler boy needs a train set.


Assorted Balls

The only thing that even rivals Jack’s love for his trains and cars, is his love for anything that bounces, rolls, or can be kicked — balls! Whenever we go to the rec center, he runs straight for the basketball courts. If he sees anything that looks remotely like a ball, he kicks the ball (or throws it) with all his might. We bought him a kid-sized soccer ball for his birthday, but I wish we could afford to buy this awesome set of Wilson Mini Balls –a basketball, soccer ball, and football.

Dr. Seuss Books

On Jack’s first birthday, we bought the book, Oh The Places You’ll Go and we thought it would be fun to continue the tradition this year and buy another Dr. Seuss book. We ended up getting One Fish, Two Fish this year, and next year, I think we’ll get Happy Birthday to You.


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