Easy Wedding Gift Idea

This easy wedding gift idea is perfect if you are on a budget, or want to give something different from the typical tupperware and fondue pot gift. 

Easy Wedding Gift Idea -- movie and snack themed

A little while ago, I saw an article on Babble.com, about a couple who brought a gift to a wedding. The gift had a bunch yummy foods in it, and to me, sounded very thoughtful and cute. Well, the people who received the gift thought otherwise, and the conversation that happened afterwards ended up ending that friendship for good.

So, if you are going to a wedding where they people would be super offended by something that is less than $100, and you are worried about accidentally putting something in it that one of the people may have an intolerance to, this isn’t the gift for you. For anyone else, here is a fun gift we gave Forrest’s sister and her husband for their wedding that I think is great as a creative wedding gift idea!


Being the procrastinators we are, Forrest and I hadn’t come up with a wedding present, and there was about an hour left before the reception started. We thought about it for a few minutes, and because they would be going to the Caribbean about a month after their wedding for about a year-and-a-half, we knew they wouldn’t be able to take a lot with them. Sure, they would be able to use a lot of things when they got back, but we really wanted to get something they could use an enjoy now.

We love Netflix, and thought that it would be fun to buy them a three-month-subscription to Netflix. After making that purchase, we ran to Walmart to buy some items to accompany this gift, and make a honeymoon gift basket for them.

It took us longer than we thought it would deciding on what to put the basket; we actually were a little bit late to the reception! But in the end, here are the items we put in it:

  • 3-month Netflix Subscription
  • Welch’s Sparkling Passion Fruit Juice
  • Popcorn (olive oil and sea salt!)
  • Chocolate covered pomegranates
  • Tomato Basil Triscuits
  • Junior Mints
  • Caramel Wafers (SO good!)
  • Ghiaradelli Chocolate Sampler Pack
  • Popcorn Bowl

These are just a few ideas; really, the options are endless! I think this is great for a wedding gift, but if you think it’s too informal, it is perfect for a bridal shower gift, or as a honeymoon basket gift. Chris and Meredith really loved it, and enjoyed all the convenient treats on their honeymoon.


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