The Best Modern Photo Gift Ideas

The Best Photo and Art Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a unique photo collage gift idea? Do you want to commemorate a special recipe, drawing, or vacation through art? Here are a variety of lovely gift ideas that anyone would love to receive. 

Thank you to Minted for collaborating with us on this post. 

I love giving gifts that incorporate photos in some way.

Photos and videos are some of the only tangible ways to relive memories of the past, so I think that they make some of the best gifts – especially for Grandparents (I hope that they love them as much as we do, because they have become my go to gift).

While a nice photo in a frame is always a lovely idea, I often like to try and come up with a unique way of displaying a photo (or series of photos).

As I do every year, I ordered our Christmas cards from Minted. They were kind enough to collaborate with us this year, which I was so excited about because their quality goes unmatched.

It always takes me forever to pick out our Christmas cards – though I’m pretty thrilled with how they turned out.

Last year I wrote this post about Modern Christmas Card ideas from Minted, and I was happy to see some even more beautiful options this year.

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Anyways, as I was on their website deciding what to order, all of their other photo options caught my eye. I had been wanting to get new photos for our living room – as well as order some gifts – so I decided to peruse their selection.

There are so many unique ways to display photos on their website – even if you are just looking for a beautiful and unique frame.

So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite photo gift ideas in case you are looking for something for the special people in your life.


A few years ago, my sister-in-law made my parents a photo calendar for Christmas. She filled it in with all the important family dates (birthdates, anniversaries, etc), and my mom LOVED it. I thought it was such a fun idea.

I actually made one for our family this year- Minted has an amazing selection. I had so much fun going through and adding different pictures for each month. Some months I featured “blasts from the past” with pictures from that same time years before – such as during Halloween. I’m really excited to have family member’s birthdays easily displayed – we are often really bad at remembering those!

Photo Map

This is a cute way to commemorate where someone lives – or a state that has special meaning to you. Minted has every state available, and you can fill it in with whatever pictures you’d like.

Vows and Poems as Art

This would be a great gift for a spouse (the vows). For the poems, I think anyone would love it. I know that my grandma used to write poems, so this would be a great gift for my grandpa or for my mom.

You can take any photo, add your vows or poem, and it turns the photo into those words. So cool!

House Portrait

I’m obsessed with house portraits! We gave one to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law as a present earlier this year, and they loved it. I got one for myself!

Minted has these available, and I think anyone would love them. They are so beautiful.

Recipe Art


Is there a loved family recipes that you want to display? I LOVE this idea! So fun for displaying those age old family recipes we all love.

Heart Snapshot Mix 

I gave one of these to my mother-in-law last year, and I think she liked it. It’s just a different way of displaying a bunch of different pictures. I added a few pictures from each family from that year.

Drawing as Art

This is a great way to remember someone’s art – whether it be a child’s, your parents, grandparents, or even your own. I know my Grandpa has always loved to draw and doodle, so I think it would be fun to make his drawings into a permanent art piece.

Foil Pressed Map

I love anything with foil! I think this is a really fun idea to remember a certain location – whether it be from a memorable vacation or from growing up. You can also do a totally custom map print.

Silhouette Print

My parents had silhouette prints on display in the home of all of the kids for many years. There is just something so classy about them – I definitely plan to get some of our children some day.

Photo Collage

There are so many ways to display pictures – I love the options for photo collages that Minted offers. I got one for us that features our recent family pictures. I think this is one that I will update every year!

Custom Print + Frame

Just want to keep it simple? Minted offers SO many beautiful photo printing options – you can add foil, words, or just print a single picture and add one of their beautiful frames. I got a few of these this year, and I love the quality of them. I liked buying these with the frame because I can easily replace the photo in the future.

These are two options not offered currently by Minted, but I have given both as gifts in the past with great reception, so I wanted to mention them:

Photo Book

I love making photo books, and I think they make for great gifts. We made one of our Disneyland trip with Forrest’s parents that we plan to send to them. In past years, I’ve created books that share memories from the year past. There are just so many options.

Photo Blanket

These are my recent obsession – photo blankets! You can print any pictures you want, and they make for great gifts – especially for grandparents!



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