The Best Gifts for Mom for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, and Beyond

Looking for a gift mom will actually like? Here are the best gifts for mom for mother’s day, birthday, and beyond.

Buying gifts for Mother’s Day (or any holiday) can be hard!

Obviously, we want to show the women in our lives that we love them by giving them a gift. And as a mother, we don’t mind receiving them either!

But what do moms really want? Are there gift ideas out there you haven’t thought of yet?

There are always homemade cards, flowers and candy- but there are tons of other ideas out there, too!


The Best Gifts for Mom for Mother's Day, Birthdays, and Beyond

Mother’s Day falls in May but that’s still not too late in the year to surprise the lady in your life with a fun life planner.

The Erin Condren planners are a perfect example.  Her collection has everything from day planners to journals to address books- with everything in between. They come in fun colors and patterns so you customize whatever you choose to fit your mom or wife’s personality perfectly.

I also love the planners from “In the Leafy Tree Tops“. They have a “Mom on the Go” planner that is AMAZING.

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Book of the Month Club

Have you heard of Book of the Month Club? This would be the perfect gift for someone who loves to read. For a small fee you can purchase someone a monthly membership where they will be able to recieve books right to their door!

Cricut Machine

The Best Gifts for Mom for Mother's Day, Birthdays, and Beyond


If the mom in your life likes to craft then a Cricut could be the perfect gift. You can do so many fun, easy and creative crafts with it and I promise- she will be ecstatic over this! You can send her a link to our Cricut for Beginners post to get her started!


The Best Gifts for Mom for Mother's Day, Birthdays, and Beyond

Lipstick is an easy way to help someone feel extra dressed up or pretty. There are so many choices out there but Maybelline always has great products at a great price. The 24 Super Stay option is awesome. While I do sell Lipsense (shoot me an email if you want that!), it is a bit pricier. This is an affordable and awesome option!


The Best Gifts for Mom for Mother's Day, Birthdays, and Beyond

This one is really cool! DNA and Genetic Testing is a big thing these days.

According to their site you can experience your ancestry in a new way! With purchase (and a quick swab of your saliva) you will get  a breakdown of your global ancestry by percentages, connect with DNA relatives and more. Or if you pick the health and ancestry service you will get an even more comprehensive understanding of your genetics. This is unique gift that will really mean a lot to anyone.

Stitch Fix

The Best Gifts for Mom for Mother's Day, Birthdays, and Beyond

Stitch Fix is just like your own, online personal shopper.  You can buy a gift card straight from their site, too!

They make it easy to customize your style, receive your package and return the items you might not like.

Felt Flower Wreaths

The Best Gifts for Mom for Mother's Day, Birthdays, and Beyond

You can find beautifully handmade felt flower wreaths, plants, headpieces and more. Golden Afternoon Handmade on Etsy has a beautiful selection of items to choose from- you can even customize.

The quality is amazing, and everything is handcrafted and made in the USA plus  it’s the perfect way to support a small business.

Standing Desk Risers

The Best Gifts for Mom for Mother's Day, Birthdays, and Beyond

These are all the rage right now, and for good reason! It encourage mothers to stand more and sit less, helping burn extra calories. It also supports a better posture, helping relieve neck or back pains and improve bood circulation.

They are a little pricey, but I know I can’t wait for mine to arrive. I work from home, so being able to stand while typing will make a big difference!

Athletic Pants 

For any women who loves to work out, or just have comfortable athletic wear-   great quality athletic leggings are a must!

Selu Leggings  are designed for Yoga, Pilates, Running, sitting, sleeping & working out.  They are made in the USA and are designed exclusively by  Award Winning Artist Selu Alofipo.

Pampered Chef

If you are looking for anything that has to do with baking or cooking then Pampered Chef will have you covered. They have been around forever and have high quality, durable, unique and practical cookware. Just take a browse on their website and you won’t be able to stop looking. They even have a $10 and under section to help with any budget.

You can check out my favorite Pampered Chef products here. 

Personalized Prints

Customized hand drawn prints boasting your favorite quote, song lyric or piece of literature is such a beautiful way to make any room in your home feel more cozy.  Salty Prints by Gina can be found on Etsy where you can download the print right after purchase. Print at a local print shop or your own home and complete it with a frame and you have a meaningful gift all ready to go!

Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani charm bracelets are beautiful, feminine and they can tell a story depending on how you customize it. It is a gift that you can continue to add to through the years and any mom, wife or friend would be thrilled to receive one.

Photo Book

Make your loved one a photo book using a program like Blurb or Shutterfly. The options are endless and it is really easy to make. The best gifts are often priceless pictures of family, friends and adventures you’ve shared together.

Hand Lettered Prints

A friend of mine from college just opened her Etsy shop selling the most beautiful prints of quotes and scriptures. I LOVE them, and I keep debating about which one to get. Tasha is incredibly talented and does a beautiful job. The prints are obviously copies of the original handwriting, but I think any mom would be thrilled to get one of these.

Canvas Print

Choose your favorite family picture and have it made into a beautiful wall canvas. I have one hanging on my wall and it is honestly one of my favorite pieces of art that we have in our home.

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are a  fun, relaxing gift for any woman. Let her know she can have uninterrupted time to relax in the tub, give her a magazine, chocolate and she will feel like a queen!

Bath/Breakfast Tray

Have you seen these popping up all over the Internet? I was recently sent this one, and I think it’s so cool! You can use it in the bathtub, for breakfast in bed, or to work on. It’s very high quality, and I think any mom would absolutely love it.

Meal Delivery Service

Who wouldn’t love the opportunity not to cook? There are several meal delivery services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron. There is Chef’d which can be found on Amazon which makes it super convenient to find.

Check out which ones best fits your budget and needs. Often times you can find discount codes and free trials.

Gift Card

When all else fails, a gift card is always a great option!

Getting one for Amazon is always a safe bet. Otherwise, most stores allow you to buy a gift card straight off their website- you simply print it out from your home computer.

Gift giving is a great way to show someone you love that you are thinking about them. As long as you keep them in mind while you are shopping, it’s always the thought that counts.

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