How to Grow Your Own Easter Grass

Every year since our first daughter was born we have had the tradition of growing “Easter grass” every Easter.

My mother-in-law started this tradition and it is one that we love and look forward to every year! My two daughters are now old enough to help put their baskets together and it makes it even more fun.

I have had several friends ask how to make them and they now carry on this tradition with their own families.

It really is so easy and pretty fool proof. It takes less than five minutes to put together and then all you have to do is watch it grow- you don’t even have to remember to water it every day. That’s my kind of plant if you ask me.

To make one basket you need:

1 plastic Easter basket

2 c. wheat grass seeds

soil (enough to fill the basket almost to the top)

Fill the bucket with soil

You will want to fill the bucket almost to the top.


Sprinkle grass seeds on top of the soil

Cover the top of the soil with seeds. You do not need to put them under the soil, make sure they are evenly spread on top.


Fill bucket with water

Last, fill the bucket with water until you can see that the water has filled the bucket and the soil is completely emmersed. You will not need to add any more water to your bucket. It will absorb the water and the seeds will begin to grow!



Place bucket in the sun

Put your bucket where the sun will reach it. Within a few days your grass will begin to sprout! It takes about two weeks to get a full bucket of grass.

Watch it grow and enjoy!

These basket are great to fill with Easter eggs and other treats!


It is so fun to do this every year and I hope this is a tradition that others will enjoy as well.

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