The Best Valentine’s Items to Buy at The Dollar Tree

The Best Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Products / Valentine's Day / Inexpensive Valentine's Day / Dollar Tree Ideas

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It seems like January is the one month that drags on every year.

Once we hit February time seems to fly by. Something that I love about January though is how most of the stores are putting out their Valentine’s Day candy and decorations.

I don’t typically love how holidays are rushed out in the stores- but with the dreary days of January- I’ve learned to appreciate the pink and red the comes along with Valentine’s Day.

The Dollar Tree is no exception. When you walk into their store you will immediately walk into a sea of red, pink, hearts and doilies. If that doesn’t brighten your spirits, I don’t know what will!

Whether you are low-key or are in charge of you child’s class Valentine’s party you will find anything and everything you need for everyone’s favorite February holiday.

I have compiled a list of the best Valentine’s Day things to buy at The Dollar Tree to fill all your needs.

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1.) Valentine’s cards

The cards they sell are really cute and often times you can find popular characters that you kids will be excited about.

2.) Chocolate heart boxes

3.) Gift bags

4.) Conversation Hearts

It’s just not Valentine’s Day without the classic Conversation Hearts!

5.) Valentine’s socks

6.) Candles

7.) Balloons

8.) Paper goods

9.) Doilies

10.) Valentine’s crafts

These are so perfect to stock up on for your family. You can make just about anything with pipe cleaners, glitter glue and pom pom balls.

11.) Goody bags

12.) Decorations

Who doesn’t like to spruce up their house for the holidays?

13.) Valentine’s accessories

14.) Valentine’s dish towels

15.) Window clings

Window clings are a must in my home! My girls love putting them on our front window. The best part is they have them for every holiday and season. Spending a dollar on a sheet of these is totally worth it for the enjoyment my children get out of them.

16.) Fake flowers

17.) Cards

You can find amazing cards at The Dollar Tree! They are just as good a the ones found at other stores, too. This might be my favorite thing to buy there.

18.) Plastic tablecloths

I love The Dollar Tree’s plastic table cloths! They come in handy for so  many reasons. Their Valentine’s ones are perfect for class parties, cookie parties or family  get togethers.

19.) Party Favors

20.) Stuffed animals


What do you love about the Valentine’s section at your Dollar Tree store?


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