LEGO Minifigure Christmas Card

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Even though Jack isn’t quite old enough to play with LEGOs yet, we had a lot of fun creating this little Christmas card with a LEGO Minifigure Family. It was so easy to do, and it turned out pretty cute.

There are a bunch of different options — you can make yourself look like a traditional LEGO (so, with yellow “skin”) or you can match the people to be more consistent with your skin tone. There was only one skin tone that really went with any of us — the rest were all a little bit dark!

The clothes options for boys and kids was great, but there was only a few options for women’s clothing…hence why my outfit isn’t that cute (but then again, LEGO people aren’t typically known for being particularly fashionable.)

I loved all the background choices! I was tempted to choose the beach background, because I wish I were on a beach right now — it is SO cold. I can hardly stand going outside.

Forrest and I had a lot of fun creating the little figures for our family. Obviously, it’s not a spitting  image, but it was a cute little activity. Jack thought it was fun to look at, though I don’t know if he realized it was supposed to be us! I liked that you could download the card to your desktop, or it lets you easily share it on social networks.

If you have little kids and are looking for a fun Christmas card, even just to share on social networks, I highly recommend making one of these cute cards. Especially if you have a child that loves LEGO figures!

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