The BEST Elf on the Shelf Alternatives (That Your Kids Will LOVE!)

Alternatives to Elf on the Shelf to help bring the Christmas spirit into your home. 

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Elf on the Shelf has taken the world by storm over the past few years.

I LOVE seeing all the creative ideas my friends come up with – it is such a fun christmas tradition for many families.

However, it’s not for everyone.

Some people don’t like the idea of “encouraging” naughty behavior (since that’s what the elf does each night!)

Others just think the idea is creepy.

And others just don’t feel like doing it.

Whatever your reason is for looking for elf on the shelf alternatives, I have some really fun ideas below that are great Christmas traditions for kids.

Alternatives to Elf on the Shelf

Holly’s Magical Mistletoe 

I was recently introduced to this company, and I just adore the idea. I love that it incorporates the tradition of the mistletoe in a new and memorable way. Here is a description of how this works:

“Holly’s Magical Mistletoe is an exciting new Christmas Kissing Tradition for couples and families alike! This fun twist on the classic tradition allows people to find their inner child and bond over something truly magical: Christmas kisses. A Christmas book, mistletoe sprig and fun activity, all in one!

Each night during the holidays, someone plays the role of Holly the elf, and hangs her magical sprig where it can be found the next day and kissed beneath. More often than not, Holly’s mistletoe is discovered in the most bizarre and unexpected places, leading to a lot of fun, laughter and exciting kissing adventures!”

When you buy the kit above, you get a fun, illustrated book, one of Holly’s Magical Mistletoe sprigs, and a fun activity.

I can’t wait to do this with my kiddos this year!

You can get 25% off using the code CLARKS25 when you buy from their website

If you buy through Amazon, you can get 10% off with the code CLARKS10.

Jingle Bell Search

This is a great one for those of who can’t really remember to do something every day (guilty!). This mom created this when her kids came home asking about “Elf on the Shelf”, but she wanted to come up with something more low key.

The day after Thanksgiving, she hides jingle bells all throughout their house and backyard. The kids have to search to find them. You can check out her post for some fun hiding spots!

Kindness Elves

I learned about the Kindness Elves last year, and I LOVE the idea. You can use your own little elves, or if you want to buy this adorable set, I think it would be a good investment.

These elves leave ideas for acts of kindness the children can do throughout the holiday season. I love this, because it puts the focus on serving and loving others, which is such an important thing to emphasize during Christmas, when it can be easy to only focus on what one wants.

Hide and Hug Olaf

If you want to do something like “Elf on the Shelf”, but you don’t love the elf…Olaf is a great alternative. What kid doesn’t like this guy?!

Christmas Mouse 

This was a fun idea that doesn’t focus on santa or elves at all, but it’s similar to Elf on the Shelf. The mom who created it doesn’t have Santa Claus come to their home, so this was a fun tradition for her children.

Rascally Reindeer

Christian Alternatives to Elf on the Shelf

Little Lamb from Bethlehem 

This is a fun storybook that comes with a little lamb that “tells the story of Jesus’s miraculous birth from the perspective of one of the lambs in the stable on that sacred night.”

After reading the story, you can use the little lamb to learn more about the Savior and serving others. What you do is really open-ended, but it has a bunch of different ideas (daily or weekly). Some of them include:

  • Once a week leading up to Christmas, invite a new friend to dinner with your family, and share Little Lamb’s story of the Savior with them.
  • Include the lamb in the nativity scene you act out with your family.
  • Create a photo album with the Little Lamb as you take it to do service at a nursing home.
  • Read Luke 2:13-14.
  • Give the Little Lamb a note every day expressing love for a family member, and leave hi for that family member to find.
  • Each Sunday during December, give the Little Lamb a favorite scripture to hold during the day and then read it with your family that night.
  • Read John 13:15 and talk about the ways to be the kind of person Jesus would be.
  • Hang a stocking for Jesus and fill it with notes for Him.

Shepherd on the Search

From the website:

“Embark on a family journey and find Christ in Christmas!  During the Advent season, begin reading the story of your shepherd’s timeless journey in a beautifully illustrated interactive children’s book, and let the fun begin every day as you hide your shepherd and your children find him in a new place along the search!  The shepherd’s journey begins anew every Christmas season and ends on Christmas day as your shepherd finds his way to the manger.  Make meaningful Christmas memories as year after year your family delights in helping your cuddly shepherd retell the timeless story that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas.  Include with The Shepherd on the Search Children’s Christmas Music & Reading CD for an inspiring combination of fun, praise, and meaningful activity—a wonderful way to keep Christ in Christmas.”

The Christmas Angel 

This one starts with reading the book about “The Christmas Angel”. Then, throughout the month, you create messages using the included gold dust that encourage your family to serve or help others.

Wandering Wise Men

This is a fun idea from “Look to Him and Be Radiant”. There are different activities for each day with your wisemen!

Nativity Assembly

This is a really simple one that you can do with any nativity set you have.

Depending on how many pieces you have in your nativity, start that many days before CHristmas. Each day, hide one piece of the Nativity. When it is found, the piece can be placed in a designated nativity spot. On Christmas Eve, the last piece that will be found is of the baby Jesus. You can end by reading the Nativity.  The Christmas Star from Afar is a great item you can buy to go along with this!



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