2016 Modern Christmas Photo Card Ideas

Looking for some modern Christmas photo card ideas? Here are some beautiful, hand-picked selections that are perfect for these year’s cards!

I LOVE sending out Christmas cards (almost as much as I enjoy receiving them).

Over the years, I have used different companies to create ours, but the company I always come back to is Minted. They consistently offer modern, beautiful designs, and I’m always THRILLED with how they turn out.  Which is why I am really excited that they asked to partner with me this year in sharing their 2016 Holiday Collection!

A few years ago, I shared with you all the cards (along with a yummy peppermint cookie recipe) I ordered from Minted, and they are still some of my favorites. Minted has traditional cards, but they also offer Booklettes and Ornament Cards (which I used for gift tags) which I think are SO fun. I think the Booklette cards are especially fun if you usually enjoy sending our Christmas letters – you can combine the best of both worlds into one!

As I was looking through the Minted 2016 Holiday Collection, I thought it would be fun to share a roundup of my favorite cards. If you are like me and have a hard time choosing hopefully, this will help you narrow it down.

Minted Coupons

Not ready to buy yet? No problem! With Minted, you can take advantage of any of their promotions and buy now, print later. You can find all the latest coupon codes here.

Modern Christmas Photo Card Ideas


Wonderfully Merry


Much Joy Letterpress


Vintage Christmas Script


Life is Wonderful


Holiday Frame Foilpress 


The Happiest Holiday


Merry Christmas Magic


Merry and Bright


Christmas Sprigs


Snowflake Like Cards


Merry Foliage 


Feillage Hivernal 




Let Love Shine

min-t96-hfs-001christmas_a_pdOh What Fun!

Obviously, this is just a small collection of the offerings from Minted – I encourage you to check out Minted’s full Holiday collection to find the perfect cards for your family. sprite_placeholder-1


Why Minted?

So, now that I’ve shown you some super fun cards, I wanted to share a few reasons why I loved Minted:

  • The paper they use is top notch. It’s thick and luxurious, and it is some of the best in the business.
  • The “Find it Fast” option. I LOVE this! Basically, you can upload your picture of your cards to your account, and it will quickly add it to different cards. This is really awesome because then you don’t have to waste time going through, finding a card you love, and realizing your photo doesn’t fit in it well. Also, I just think it’s helpful to be able to see how a card looks right away with your photo (and not random strangers).
  • The designs are beautiful and unique – they are sourced from indie designers, so you know you are getting a design that someone put a lot of time and thought in to.
  • Lots of fun options – you can stick with simple and traditional, or you can foil, change the shape and layout, colors, and even have return address labeling done before.
  • Buy Now, Personalize Later – this is especially awesome. Minted occasionally runs promotions on their cards, but what happens if you aren’t ready to buy cards? No problem. You can choose the type of card you want, purchase them under the promotion, but order them later when you are ready!
  • Free Address Assistant – I LOVE this! The hardest part about buying Christmas cards for me is just addressing them. It takes a lot of time! With Minted, you can upload all your addresses, and they will print them on your envelope. SO easy. Then all you have to do is put a stamp on them and you can send them on!

Here is a fun collection of Modern Christmas Card ideas for this year!


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