Where Would We Be Without Good Fathers?

I just wanted to take a quick moment to say Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there. I love this video on fathers, and as the video says at the end, lets all take some time today to remember the men who have taught you what it takes to be a good father.

Where would the world be without good fathers? I truly believe that the influence a father has on his children, good or bad, will affect them for their entire lives. In one of the classes I took at BYU, we focused on entertainment’s portrayal of men and fathers. After studying that, it made me so sad! What I found was that in so many shows and movies, fathers are made out to be lazy, crude, and dumb. And when I look at all the examples of fathers in my life, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I think in order for the world to change, the world’s view of the importance of fathers (and mothers) needs to change as well.

Today, I’m so grateful for all the father’s I know —

For Forrest, who I fell more in love with the day he became Jack’s daddy, and every day after that. Very soon after I met Forrest, I could see the type of father he would be, as we often spent time with some of my nieces and nephews. Jack loves his daddy so much, and I love seeing them interact together. I see so much of Forrest in Jack, and I pray every day that Jack grows up to be just like Forrest — a kind man with a good heart, who sees the good in everything around him. And, I also hope Jack inherited your natural athleticism, which, it appears so far that he has.



My own dad, who has been the best dad I could have asked for and is always there for all of his children, through thick and then. And, he’s an even better grandfather. He’s always willing to share his food with Jack and lets him come play in his office (which Jack is obsessed with.) Whenever anyone needs help, he’s always the first to volunteer. My mom is always saying how I’m a lot like my dad, which is so very true.


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For Forrest’s father, who raised a wonderful son and continues to lead his family in righteousness. Although we don’t get to see him often, we know that he loves and supports us, and is a great example of what comes from hard work and perseverance.  He’s a great grandfather and Jack always has fun with him!


For our grandfathers, who are some of the most kind and gentle men we know.

And for our brothers and brother-in-laws, who are all incredible fathers (or some-day will be) and examples of what it means to be men of God and of integrity.








Happy Father’s Day!


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