Our (Unexpectedly) Perfect Valentine’s Day

I had big plans for Valentine’s Day. For weeks, I was planning a delicious, homemade meal, and how I was going to set out fun gifts for Forrest and Baby J to welcome them in the morning. I put off getting the gifts until the day before, when I found out Forrest needing the car that day. So I quickly changed my plans to having the gifts ready for the evening. I had already bought all the food, and figuring out the final details on Wednesday morning.Not to mention, I was planning to have a post put up about fun and cheap date ideas. Obviously, that did not happen. But what did happen, was that I realized that quite often things, don’t go as planned. And that just because things didn’t go the way you wanted, it doesn’t mean the world is over.

I should have realized that scheduling Baby J’s surgery for the morning of the 14th wasn’t the best idea, since I had packed the rest of the day with tons of activities.

Something that should have taken 2-3 hours, tops, turned into an all day affair.

Because I didn’t double check the details, we ended up going to the wrong hospital, having to spend hours on public transportation and standing in the cold, and being very late to the surgery.

We didn’t end up getting back to our home until almost five, and by that point, any chance of me doing all my brilliant plans for the day was cut in half.

At the end of the day, we ended up going to a random restaurant where we were the only people, and falling asleep way earlier than we ever do. We rented a Netflix DVD, but that laid on the table, unopened for another day.

And guess what? It was still a good day.

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I may not have meticulously lined up gifts on the counter like I wanted, or created a delicious feast of shishkebobs, pasta, and raspberry pie. There may not have been flowers, candy boxes, or sweet cards involved at all. Even though I hope that next year may be different, I was still able to spend the entire day with my two Valentines. How could I ask for anything else?

Because that’s what matters — being with the ones you love.

Plans fail. And mine do a lot. I’d be lying if I didn’t cry over that happening more often than not. But I’m starting to realize that life isn’t about making sure everything goes perfect, but just living each moment to it’s fullest.

And honestly, I wouldn’t have rather done on anything else on Thursday than holding my sweet baby boy as he slept.

But, I sure hope next year I can pull of my perfectly planned Valentine’s Day 🙂



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