Six Research-Based Reasons to Reduce Dairy Intake

I recently met Breanne when she commented on this round-up of delicious and dairy free recipes, and she so kindly offered to do a guest post! I hope you’ll enjoy this post as much as I did, and go stop by her blog. I know you’ll love it!

Hi! I’m Breanne, wife to Josh, a recent law school grad, and new mom to a sweet little guy named Noah. Lucky Twenty-Eight is the story of our life as a family of three. I like to talk about marriage, motherhood, all things baby, losing the baby weight, and adventures in suddenly becoming vegan.

Six months ago I had never even considered giving up dairy, but when my breastfed baby was a few weeks old and showing signs of reflux our pediatrician recommended that I try cutting it out of my diet. Within two weeks, his reflux symptoms had decreased, his demeanor had changed, and suddenly I was nearly vegan. Over the last six months I’ve learned a lot about the benefits of eliminating (or even just reducing) the amount of dairy in your diet. Some of the most widely held beliefs about milk products are being disproved by the latest research, and it’s something that needs to be shared. So, here are six research-based reasons to avoid dairy:

1) It could reduce your risk of breast and ovarian cancer

This Harvard-conducted study found a link between dairy consumption and cancers of the reproductive organs, likely caused by the high levels of estrogen in cow’s milk. Another ongoing Harvard study has established the same link, finding that women who drink 2 or more glasses of milk a day are 44% more likely to develop ovarian cancer compared to women who rarely drink milk. Read more about it here.

2) Your skin will look better

Multiple studies have shown a direct link between the consumption of cow’s milk and acne. More milk=more pimples. It’s believed that this is a result of the testosterone and androgens in milk.

3) You’ll be less likely to suffer from hypertension

Two separate studies, both published in the British Journal of Nutrition, found that avoiding animal products was associated with a decrease in the occurrence of hypertension. Check those studies out here and here.

4) It’s not necessary for bone health, and may in fact be damaging your bones

I think we all grew up hearing about how important milk is for healthy bones and teeth, which is why I was so surprised to discover this fact. The Harvard Nurse’s Health Study found that an increase in milk consumption did nothing to protect women against bone fractures. Another study of teenage girls found that among the most physically active, higher calcium intake by way of dairy doubled the risk of stress fractures.

5) It can help alleviate migraines

Research has found a link between dairy consumption and migraines. In one study, 37% of participants suffered from migraines after consuming milk.

6) You’ll likely have fewer gastrointestinal problems

It’s estimated that 65-75% of the world’s population islactose intolerant, which means consuming dairy results in gas, abdominal pain and nausea. This is due to the absence of the enzyme lactase, which is used to digest the lactose in milk.
For more information on good dairy replacements and some of my favorite animal-free recipes, check out Vegan 101.
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