One Dish Recipes for College Students

25+ easy one dish meals for college students (and anyone else who wants an easy meal!) So many yummy options!

25+ easy one dish meals for college students (and anyone else who wants an easy meal!) So yummy!

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Since my easy recipes for college students post attracts so many new visitors each day, I thought I should go ahead and make a few more posts with recipes for college students! This first one is all about one dish meals – which, to be honest, are great for anyone to make, but I think they are especially great choices for college students. Many college students don’t have a huge selection of pots, pans, and bowls to cook with, so one dish meals make it easy for prep and clean up.

I’ve shared a lot of one dish meals on Clarks Condensed, so I’ll be featuring some of those in this roundup. I also found some great recipes from other bloggers that I love, that I think you’ll all enjoy as well. The great thing about one dish meals is that they typically have easy to find ingredients that aren’t overly expensive – which is another necessity for college students (in my opinion.)

I know that when I went to college, making a real meal always made such a big difference. I wasn’t always able to do this, but when I did, it was worth it. By making one dish meals, it makes the process a lot easier. All of the meals featured below, in my opinion, will give you the feeling of a delicious homemade meal with half the work! I also threw in a couple of fun one skillet dessert recipes at the end. Everyone needs dessert, right?!

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