Addictive Granola Mix

This addictive granola mix is one of our favorite treats to make. It’s so easy and the perfect party snack.
Granola Mix Recipe

Addictive Granola Mix
Author: Katie Clark
  • 1 bag nature valley granola
  • 1.5 cups rice or corn chex
  • 1 cup coconut
  • 1/2 cup slivered almonds
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 3/4 cup corn syrup
  1. In a large bowl mix together granola, cereal, coconut, and slivered almonds. Set aside.
  2. Place butter, sugar, and corn syrup into a sauce pan.
  3. Heat until melted.
  4. Stir constantly until it reaches the hard crack stage (about 285 degrees farenheit.)
  5. Pour over granola mix immediately and stir with a rubber spatula until everything is covered.
  6. Spread on a greased cookie sheet until cool. Break apart.

For a while now, I’ve seen a recipe floating around Pinterest called (or something similar to) “Party Crack Mix.” I’ve seen this on probably 20 different sites, and it always intrigues me….because it looks absolutely delicious!

Last week, I was supposed to bring a treat over to my parent’s house over Easter weekend, and I thought this would be a fun recipe to make. However, as I saw a few bags of NATURE VALLEY PROTEIN GRANOLA MIX sitting on my counter that was sent to me…I thought I’d change the recipe a little bit to include it. I have to tell you, Nature Valley Granola bars are basically what I’ve survived on during this pregnancy, so I love that you can get these bags of the granola (the dark chocolate kind is my favorite.) It’s the perfect topping or ingredient for a variety of dishes.

Addictive Granola Mix Recipe

The original recipe calls for two types of cereal, but I decided to omit one of those for the Nature Valley granola. Jack and I loved making this together, and let me tell you…it’s definitely addictive!

Granola Mix Recipe

It might not be the *healthiest* recipe out there, but I think it’s jam-packed with yummy ingredients that will give you a nice boost. This recipe makes a decent amount, but it definitely disappears quickly.

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Jam Packed with Yummy Ingredients

Everyone who tried this LOVED it. And for good reason. I don’t think it lasted very long either. My dad and little brother suggested that it might be even more delicious with chocolate chips or bigger nuts (as opposed to the slivered almonds), so really, the sky is the limit. All I know is that this should definitely be at your next party.

Chocolate Chips

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nature Valley Protein Granola via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  • I love Nature Valley granola! It's delicious! I love putting it in yogurt. I bet it would be delicious in this recipe, too! My husband would especially love the coconut!

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