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What kind of camera do you use? 

We have been through a few cameras since we started blogging. We started with a simple point-and-shoot camera but soon upgraded to the Nikon D3100. Last year, we decided to make a jump up to the Nikon D7100, and we are SO glad we did. It’s much sharper, faster, and our photo quality has certainly improved. We use either a Nikon 50mm lens or the Sigma 24-70mm (which is Katie’s favorite.)

We shoot our photos in the RAW format and edit them in Adobe Lightroom, which is a very user-friendly program. However, we used PicMonkey for the longest time (and occasionally still do – it’s a GREAT place to start!)

How do you make money blogging? 

This is the first thing people ask us when we tell them that we blog professionally. Truth be told, blogging is a very lucrative market (if you know what you are doing.) And no, we aren’t poor.

We make money through a variety of different places – display ads (more on that in a second), affiliate marketing (so often if you buy something through one of the links on our site, we get a small cut of the profits), and sponsored posts. We do our very post to never promote a product or service we don’t believe in. Some of our most popular posts have been sponsored.

If you are interested in learning HOW to blog, make sure you check out this page on how to start a successful blog.

How did you and Forrest meet?

We met at BYU in Provo, Utah! You can learn more about our story on our about us page.

What is your favorite cookbook?

Hmm…that’s a hard one! I’m a big fan of anything from The Food Nanny!

What is your favorite thing to eat? 

Another hard one! My (Katie) favorite food would probably be my mom’s famous lasagna or her chicken enchiladas. Forrest loves homemade pizza (our easy pizza dough is killer) or Mexican Pozole (our sister-in-law, Charbel, has an amazing recipe!)

What religion do you practice? 

We are happily members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You can read more about our beliefs here.

Why do you have ads on your site?!

We spend hours and hours creating FREE content for our readers. Each post takes a lot of time to perfect. Some of our most popular posts have taken countless hours of research to create. This is not a membership site – you get access to all of our content for free. However, because of this, we need to make it worth our time (we have tiny mouths to feed!) Ads a necessity to keep our site running. We try to keep them to a minimum, but it’s impossible for our site to be available for free without them. Thank you for understanding!

What are some of your favorite cooking utensils or gadgets?

We love our kitchen and certainly have a lot of fun gizmos and gadgets. Here are a few things we can’t seem to live without:

What sewing machine do you use? 

I don’t believe the exact one I use is available for sale online (I got it for about $120 at Costco.) However, it is very similar to this computerized Brother sewing machine. LOVE it!


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