The Beginning

I’ve been blogging since 2008, however, it’s mainly to update family and friends — particularly about my 10-month-old son. Lately,  I’ve found myself wanting to express my feelings, opinions, and advice on our personal blog. However, the main audience for that blog is family members, who are more interested in reading updates on my son, rather than hearing my random opinions. Thus, Clarks Condensed was born. I’m not great at any one thing — I love to cook, but I doubt I could come up with unique recipes on a regular basis.  Sewing and crafts are fun, but to finish one project is usually a (one…or two…or three) week long product. But, I do love to write, and I have a lot to say on different topics, so here at Clarks Condensed, you’ll get a big variety. One day I might write about pregnancy, the next day about fitness, and then the next day about my favorite Pinterest finds. On occasion, my husband will even contribute. The point is — this blog is “condensing” our thoughts and family, and letting other people in. There won’t be tons of pictures of my son, as I’ve been wanting to expose him and his life less to the Internet, but posts will often be inspired by him, I’m sure. This will also be, at least for awhile, a place for individuals or companies wanting to use my social media management services to find out more information on that. While there will be consistent (but different) themes each day in the future, for the next week, I want to introduce our family — if you’d like the more condensed version, feel free to check out the about me portion of this site. So, bare with me in the beginning stages, and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or along the way. Welcome to the beginning of Clarks Condensed!


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