The Best Car Seat for Little Babies

I thought that Jack was pretty tiny when he was born.

I mean, the average newborn is around 7.5 pounds. He was 6 lb 13 ounces, so he was a little lower than the “average.”

Then I had Oliver. He was 5 lb 7.7 ounces at birth, and before we left the hospital, he tipped the scales at 5 lb 2 ounces. He was pretty teeny tiny. I loved it. I would carry him around and feel like I didn’t have anything in my hands.

Before we had any idea how small he was going to be, Chicco reached out to me about reviewing their Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System. It looked rather nice, and since our old travel system had gotten a bunch of car oil on it, I was excited to try something new.

Well, after I found out Oliver was IUGR, I joined a couple of Facebook support groups. Parents often asked for suggestions on the best car seat to bring their tiny babies home in, and the suggestion I saw time after time was the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, which includes the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat. I had no idea how small Oliver would be, but I felt good knowing that I had a car seat that would accommodate his small size.

And I’m happy to stay, it’s been a great car seat and travel system for us. From Oliver’s first car ride home. . . oliver car seat

To his first walk around the lake (which my mom thought was crazy for me to do just a few days after he was born haha)

oliver car seat 2

to his first road trip to Utah:

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oliver road trip

To many, many walks around the track at the YMCA with me

oliver gym

I feel confident that my tiny little guy is safe. He was about five pounds when he brought him home for the hospital, and I know others who had babies much smaller that fit in the car seat.

I love how light weight everything about this travel system is. The car seat isn’t as heavy as some I’ve held, and the stroller is light weight as well. It folds up nice and small and fits in the back of our Escape quite nicely.

We don’t have a large back seat, but we are able to fit they KeyFit in there really well with Jack’s convertible car seat.

Something we really loved about it is what the ability to close the stroller so easily. You just pull on a lever, and it closes it right away. You can do it one handed, which is often necessary when you have two kids. The ability to easily adjust the straps in the car seat is awesome as well. With our last car seat, I always had trouble adjusting them, but with the KeyFit, all you have to do is press the button in the front to adjust!

Overall, we’ve been very pleased with this car seat. I feel like my son has been safe from day one, even when he was teeny tiny. It has a stylish look, it rides well on dirt, side walks, etc. and it’s just built well!

I received this product for free but all opinions are my own!


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