Stitch Fix for Men Review: A (Frugal) Man’s Actual Experience

Is Stitch Fix for Men right for you? Is it worth the cost? In this Stitch Fix for Men review, a frugal man shares his experience with the process and his honest thoughts. Hopefully, this will help you decide if you want to try it out!

Stitch Fix for Men

Stitch Fix Men

In case you don’t know, Stitch Fix is a service that offers an online personal stylist to help you find clothes that fit your style – and fit your size and build. I recently tried Stitch Fix for the first time.

Katie has been using the service for several years, and she has really enjoyed using it. She convinced me to try it out for myself, and I wasn’t disappointed. I had let my wardrobe get a little too dated, and I wanted to get some nice, new outfits for a cruise to the Bahamas we had coming up (be sure to read this post – Cruise Clothing 101: What to Wear on Your Cruise!).

To start out I filled out Stitch Fix’s style quiz. I wrote a little about wanting clothes for a cruise, and I included links to my social media profiles.

I picked some patterns I liked and picked out differently styled outfits that I could see myself wearing. I feel like the quiz was as much to help me understand my style, as it was to help my stylist understand my style.

Plus, in the end, I was able to, and did, specifically request clothes be suitable for my cruise to the Bahamas. My stylist was tasked with understanding my overall style, what the vacation version of my style might look like, and what my clothes might feel like in tropical weather.

To help ensure a comfortable fit, I gave my shirt, pant, and shoe sizes. The style quiz includes questions on pattern and color, as well as cut and fit. There were a variety of pictures that were very helpful for people like me who find it hard describe my style with just words.

For instance, I specified that really didn’t want skinny jeans. I know that for some people that is trendy, but my legs never lend themselves well to narrow cuts, so I didn’t even want that to be an option. I used to have to get husky sized shorts as a kid, and not a lot has changed.

Overall, the quiz is detailed and might feel a little long. However, there really were no frivolous or wasted questions. In the end, I felt that everything helped me to get quality clothing that I wanted to keep.

My box arrived pretty quickly. I received some nice khaki pants, which was something I’ve been wanting to buy.

I don’t know why, but I really liked how soft they felt. The pants had a nice stretch to them, which allowed me to move more comfortably.

Stitch Fix Men

I got a long sleeve blue and pink, checkered button-down shirt. It fit great. The shirt was light and breathable.

Stitch Fix for Men

In the box were some nice dark blue and white, mini-checkered shorts. I’ve been wanting some nicer looking shorts like these are. The shorts could be paired with the included Polo shirt with a classic tropical print that faded from top to bottom. The shirt said, “Hey, I’m on a vacation” without being too bright and bold. It was perfect for our cruise. The polo was a nice, light, breathable fabric.

Lastly, in the box was a pair of canvas Toms.

The only negative part of my experience was that my Toms were a little small. I believe I asked for shoes that were 11.5 wide. I think that I may have specified that my next preference would be for size 12.

My receipt said that my Toms was 11.5. Maybe my stylist thought that since these Toms were casual loafers that there probably would be plenty of room. There definitely was no extra room, and my right foot was genuinely uncomfortable.

I guess it is wider than my left? The Toms have stretched some at this point, but I’ll definitely be saving the shoes for occasions where I won’t be walking very much. I like the style of the shoes, and I thought that they shoes complimented the color of my pants perfectly. Part of the Stitch Fix experience is working with your stylist to help refine your preferences in the future.

One great thing about Stitch Fix is that you don’t have to buy anything (minus your $25 styling fee, which can be applied to anything you do purchase).

The box comes with a prepaid envelope that you can use to return what you don’t like, or that doesn’t fit well.

If I had more time before my cruise, I would have sent them back. Plus, with Stitch Fix, if you buy all five items then you get a 25% discount. To me, that could easily mean that if you want all five items, then one of them is practically free. You can also specify what type of spender you are, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll get a box filled with $200 shirts if you more of a Walmart clothes shopper.

Stitch Fix does not require a subscription, so I would recommend using it for specific occasions like I did. In our house, most of our new clothes are bought for specific occasions, or when we realize that we forgot to pack something for our trip after we get there. I think you could justify getting clothes for a new season, a new job, a big event, or an awesome cruise to the Bahamas!

Overall, my Stitch Fix experience was very enjoyable. I just filled out the quiz in my bed late one night for about 15 minutes, and then I got a box of great clothes right at my door. I saved time shopping around, I was given clothes that matched very well together, and my clothes generally fit well.

If I had to go find these five items in local stores right now,  I think I would have to spend 4-5 hours. If I were to spend even a few hours shopping for clothes I would have to take my kids, which would mean that we would have to stop for food.

Generally, with kids, everything takes twice as long. Am I right?

Maybe, I would save a few bucks, but for most people time is money.

I am generally a pretty frugal person. When I say my wardrobe was getting a bit dated, I mean that I’m still wearing clothes from high school. Because I don’t spend money on clothes regularly, I want to make sure whatever I buy will last a long time and is good quality – and the clothes from Stitch Fix are just that. Katie often remarks that her best quality and most comfortable clothing are from Stitch Fix…and I have to agree with her now that I’ve experienced it myself.

By using Stitch Fix I saved myself from using my free time to drag my kids around for hours and hours to buy clothes that probably wouldn’t have looked as good as what I got from Stitch Fix.

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