How Stitch Fix Works – August 2016 Reveal

If you see me on a regular basis, you probably know that my wardrobe really consists of BYU t-shirts and a wide variety of exercise pants.

I’m all about comfort, but I realize it’s a bit pathetic. I mean, I have clothes from high school still sitting in my closet.

Shopping for clothes is not something I really enjoy. It’s hard for me to find anything that fits just right, and I never really know what looks good to begin with.

I went to Target several months ago looking for a sweater for our family pictures, and I just felt so deflated! It felt like most of the clothes were just for people who were stick thin. I was just a few months postpartum – and surprisingly, feeling pretty good about how I looked – but everything just emphasized my less-than-flat belly.

I’m all about trying to appreciate the size you are, but it’s hard to do that when it feels like nothing fits.

Which is why I love Stitch Fix. It’s basically like having an online personal stylist. I first heard about it a few years ago when I attended a blog conference, and I happened to be in a dinner group with someone from Stitch Fix.

stitch-fix-review (6 of 8)

We were given a Stitch Fix coupon code that would waive the $20 styling fee, so I figured I might as well try it. I anxiously awaited my box of clothing, and I couldn’t wait to try them on.

Well, the first time it was kind of a dud. I felt like I was sent a box of maternity clothes (and I wasn’t pregnant). I think I sent everything back.

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The next time I was a little more specific, and while I didn’t love everything, it was definitely better curated toward me. I ended up keeping a blue cardigan that I love.

Because it is a little pricey, I hadn’t done it for awhile. I had put some referral links on my site, and one day, I decided to check and see if anyone had signed up. And they had! So I figured it was a good time to try the service again.

This time around, I was very specific. I made sure my profile was filled out completely, I told them what I liked, what I didn’t like, and about my current situation (that I was breastfeeding).

I absolutely LOVED everything in the box, and I ended up keeping two shirts that are my favorite shirts.

I waited until I got more referral credits, and I just got my latest box a few days ago. I did a Facebook live reveal yesterday, so I figured I’d do a follow-up about all the items, and what I decided to pick. And if you are here trying to figure out how Stitch Fix works, I’ll explain that at the end.

So, here goes nothing!

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I loved this maxi dress! I thought the prints were fun but not to crazy, it makes for easy breastfeeding, and it was so soft. I own a few maxi dresses, but this is the first one that felt so comfy. I loved how it looked when I tried it on! This was $79.

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For religious reasons, I don’t wear sleeveless outfits, which I mentioned in my instructions. My stylist send this super cute zipper cardigan to wear over the maxi dress, which was sleeveless. I’m not going to lie – I thought it was a bit weird that I was sent something so warm in the middle of the summer. But it was also very soft, and I thought it paird nicely with the maxi dress. This was $37.

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Next was this grey dolman top. I asked them to send me items that were a little looser fitting, and I loved how this one looked. It was pretty flattering, and while I love grey, I feel like it would have been nice to have a little more color. Also, it was long sleeved, which really isn’t my cup of tea right now! This was about $45.

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Then there was this top. I liked the idea, but it didn’t look great on. I felt like it really emphasized my stomach. It would have been great to nurse in though! This was around $50.

stitch-fix-review (4 of 8)

And finally this cute dress! It fell right around my knees, it was light and airy, and it was so comfy. I felt like it could have been a little more flattering around the waist, but I still really liked it. This was $79.

Overall, I loved everything in this Fix. I felt like my stylist really delivered and tried to pick pieces that would fit me and my lifestyle perfectly. But just a few notes:

  • Everything was really dark. I would have liked to see more color, because really, most of the items in my closet fall into this color palette.
  • Everything is pretty expensive. For someone who usually shops the clearance rack, I always experience a bit of sticker shock. I mainly used my credits on what I bought, but I do wish that things were a bit more affordable.
  • With that said, everything is very high quality. And, more importantly, most of the items fit really well, and I didn’t have to leave my house, go into a changing room and try things on, and get discouraged when nothing fit. I think it’s so important to feel confident in your clothing, and I feel like it’s worth paying a little bit extra to get those items.

So, what did I go with? Remember, I’m no fashion blogger 😉

stitch-fix-review (7 of 8)-2

In the end, I loved how this one felt on. It was flattering and comfortable. I just loved how it looked on. I ended up deciding to get the jacket as well…which I’ll be putting away until the weater starts to cool down 🙂

While I certainly can’t afford to do this every month, I really look forward to the months I can. So if you are interested in trying it out, here is how Stitch Fix works (as well as a coupon code I found!) Read this post if you are looking for another perspective on, “Is Stitch Fix Worth it?”

  • You fill out a profile on their website – it includes information about your sizes, what kind of styles you want, what kind of clothes/accessories you want included, etc.
  • You have to pay a $20 styling fee, which can be applied to anything you end up purchasing. I saw on RetailMeNot a coupon that waives it – 8809916 – but I’m not sure if it works!
  • A few days later, you will get a package in the mail with your outfits, a note from your stylist, and suggestions on how to wear the outfits.
  • You have a few days to decide what you want to keep. If you don’t want anything – no problem! Just send it back in the prepaid UPS envelope they provide.
  • You don’t have to sign up for regular fixes – though you can! Just sign online when you want your next one.

Let me know if you ended up getting one. I’d love to hear what you think!

this was NOT sponsored. I am a part of their affiliate program, but I just really love their system, and I wanted to share it with other people who hate clothes shopping like me 😀

Dread clothes shopping? Me too. This solution has helped me enjoy buying new clothes again!


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  • First of all, you are adorable. It took me several years post college to really narrow down my style. I had a style in high school which was weird but also almost won me most original style, but I grew out of it pretty quickly. This sounds awesome, though! I usually have a hard time shopping for myself, too, and I totally feel you on the looser tops thing. I never got rid of my post-baby bump after Little A was born almost 2 years ago, so a lot of my clothes are really flowy in the belly area!

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