Glad Pro-Kitchen Bags Review: Do They Work Well?

Glad Pro-Kitchen Bags Review: Do They Work Well?

This post brought to you by Glad. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Clarks Condensed.

When my youngest son left for college, I cried.

Not only would I miss him but now the task of emptying the kitchen trash container would become my job!

Because my trashcan was an oversized one, I had been using GLAD 30-gallon drawstring trash bags for quite awhile. They were designed for outdoor use, but they fit my container perfectly. I never let them get as full as Michael had—they were often bulging but never broke as he expertly maneuvered them out of the trashcan—so emptying the large bags wasn’t that difficult.

The only problem was the odor—yuck!

But then GLAD came to my rescue by adding Febreze odor neutralizers to the bags.  Such a great idea! And it really works. No more holding your nose as you pass by the kitchen trash container.

Research has shown that over 1/5 of consumers use black bags in the kitchen rather than the traditional 13-gallon white kitchen bags. Like me, they like the larger capacity and strength offered by the black bags, even though the black bags are really too big for most indoor trash containers. So once again, GLAD has come to the rescue! Its newest product is the GLAD Kitchen Pro Large Kitchen Drawstring Bags.

The new 20-gallon GLAD Kitchen-Pro Trash Bag

I recently visited my daughter, Kristalyn, and her family and brought her a few of these new bags. They hold more than the white bags she was using and fit her trash container perfectly.

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These black bags fit up to 20 gallon trashcans so are the perfect size for most kitchen garbage cans.  They also have the GLAD Leakguard protection of a double bag, as well as the Febreze 5-day odor control. The strength of these bags matches that of the 30-gallon bags so you don’t have to worry about anything leaking out of or tearing through your bag, but they are easier to handle. I consider drawstrings a must on a large garbage bag and the ones on these bags are strong and easy to use.

GLAD Kitchen Pro Trash Bags are available at Target. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t spot them right off—there are so many GLAD products–something for everyone!

This post was sponsored by GLAD, but the opinions are my own.

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