Dia & Co Review and Unboxing: No Stress Shopping for Plus Size Clothing

Dia & Co provides a styling service to plus size women – but is it worth doing? Here is an honest Dia & Co review after receiving two boxes, including a Dia & Co unboxing, and Dia & Co prices.

Dia & Co Reviews

I love new clothes! But shopping not so much. I mean, I start out liking it, but by the time I’ve tried on and discarded five or a dozen tops, pants, capris, dresses, etc. I’m usually feeling pretty discouraged!

If I were a perfect size six or even a comfortable size 12 it might be easier. But I’m more of a 14/16 and finding clothes that fit nicely and look pretty takes a lot of effort.  So when I was offered the opportunity to have a company called Dia & Co select some clothes and mail them to me to try, with guaranteed prepaid return shipping for anything I didn’t want to keep, what did I really have to lose?

Here is one of the items I received in my first Dia box:

Nailed it! This green and navy top by Delancey Studio came in my first box and I love it! My husband even said, “That looks like something you  picked out yourself!”

Dia & Co specializes in plus sizes 14 and above.

To get started Dia has you fill out a questionnaire that includes questions about your style preferences, body shape, and usual sizes, color favorites, and preferred price range for clothing.  You are then asked about additional preferences.  For example, I don’t wear sleeveless tops;  I don’t wear jeans to work; I wear dresses to Church every Sunday.  I was able to include all those comments in my survey.

Each Dia box includes five items–anything from tops and blazers to dresses, slacks, and shorts. You can even choose to have accessories sent if you want.

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My first box included two tops which I kept, a pair of black pants which I loved but were too big, a dress that was too short for my tastes, and a red blazer that hung too loosely. However, they were able to find the black pants and blazer in sizes that fit,  as well as a different dress in a slightly longer length and sent them right out.

This City Chic Lyra dress  that goes just below my knees will be just perfect for Church, and it matched this sweater that I already had in my closet:

Although I don’t often wear jeans to work, I love a nice comfy pair on the weekends and on my days off. This Meri Skye Fulton Skinny Jean and Ryan Wythe Avery 3/4 sleeve black cardigan both arrived in my second box and fit perfectly! They are already among my favorites, and I didn’t have to fight the crowds at the mall or try on racks of similar items to find them. Win!

Here is the second top–a Molly and Isadora tee– that arrived in my first box.  I added a white t-shirt underneath it to give me the more modest look I prefer.

I love the look of this red knit blazer  (also by Molly & Isadora) with one of my favorite fall skirts and look forward to wearing this outfit as the weather gets colder:


Dia & Co Prices

From the two boxes that Dia sent me I ended up with two short-sleeved tops, a pair of jeans,  a red blazer, a dress, a cardigan, and a pair of black pants. Here is a breakdown of the cost:

  • Delancey Studio Donna short ruffle sleeve blouse…..$44.00
  • Molly&Isadora Karlie lattice tee…..$40.00
  • Molly&Isadora Davenport long sleeve knit blazer….$60.00
  • Ryan Wythe Alba slim ankle pant…..$57.00
  • Sabrina Collective Senegalia sleeveless textured fit and flare…..$55.00

TOTAL: $256
With Discount: $205

and here is the total cost of everything from my second box:

  • Ryan Wythe Avery 34 sleeve crew neck cardigan….. $55
  • Meri Skye Fulton skinny jean – short inseam….. $52
  • City Chic Lyra dress….. $89
  • Molly&Isadora Venice cropped trouser….. $65
  • Jessica Simpson Lorelei button up shirt….. $69.50

TOTAL: $330.50
With Discount: $264.40

If you keep everything you receive in your five-item box you receive a 20 percent discount.  I do think that if you become a regular subscriber you will find you need to return fewer items as they figure out your taste and sizes. I think that the total cost of all the items (with the discount) was very reasonable.

Dia & Co Returns

From both of my boxes, I returned a pair of brown pants that were just too baggy,  the first dress they sent, as well as a red-flannel shirt that reminded me of a lumberjack.  I exchanged the blazer and black pants for different sizes.

I can’t rave enough about how easy it is to return things! They include a large prepaid envelope that you just need to take to your local UPS office.  Both times that I returned items I received an email the next morning from Dia acknowledging that I had mailed off the items–a nice touch so that I didn’t have to wonder if they were getting lost in the mail somewhere.

I really enjoyed working with Dia! They included friendly notes with each package and asked me to comment online about how I liked each item. For those of you who wear plus size clothing this is a painless, fun way to add to your wardrobe.

There is a styling fee with each box you order, but this can be applied to anything you end up buying.

Dia & Co Unboxing

Dia & Co Referral Program

Dia & Co has a great referral program! If anyone signs up for a box through your referral link, you will get credit applied to your account for your next box. It’s awesome!


Although I received my two boxes for free in exchange for doing this post, I definitely recommend the quality, variety, and personal service that Dia offers!


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