Alphabetty Saga: My Favorite Smart Phone Game for Road Trips

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I don’t play a ton of games, but every so often I come across one that I really enjoy. The game I played for the longest period of time was Candy Crush – which I’m sure most of you have heard of.

We have been on a road trip for the past few days, and as we’ve driven through the very exciting states of Wyoming and Idaho, I’ve found myself wanting to find something to do that won’t make me car sick. Reading is usually out, because it makes me start to feel sick, so I started playing around on my phone. Most of the games I had weren’t that enticing (and required a consistent Internet connection), so I was excited when I discovered AlphaBetty Saga, which is actually from the same creators of Candy Crush. It’s the first word-based Saga game, and it’s free to download on the AlphaBetty Saga Facebook PageApple App Store, and Google Play.

You may not know this about me, but I LOVE word games. Forrest and I used to play word games all the time. So, when I discovered this game, I was kind of excited. I like to play games that I feel are actually benefiting me in some way, and when it comes to words, I like discovering new ones and figuring out long words.undefined

AlphaBetty Saga aims to promote new survey results to help summer travelers avoid spelling mistakes during their summer travel. So, this is the perfect game for road trips if you ask me! It helps pass the time, and you aren’t totally frying your brain.

The first few levels were super easy, and I was thinking that I would fly through the first 30 levels, no problem. However, I quickly was knocked down a few levels in the humbleness department as I got stuck on level 9 for quite awhile. I was challenged to find more complicated words and be a little more strategic with what words I chose – rather than just picking the first words I saw!undefined

Jack’s a little too young for this game (since, you know, he can’t read or spell), but this would be a fun game to download for your slightly-older children. It encourages spelling and learning, which is important at all times, but especially if they are interacting with electronic devices. It can definitely help with summer brain drain, which many children experience when they aren’t in school! undefined

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