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As a life long Duke fan raised by a mother who is a lifelong UNC fan in North Carolina March has always been an exciting time of year. For those of you from Colorado, like Katie, UNC stands for University of North Carolina to me and not University of Northern Colorado. With the ACC tournament and the then with the NCAA tournament there is a lot of exciting basketball to watch. Personally, I am extra excited about the beginning of the Major League Soccer season. One of my favorite things about watching sports is playing in a tournament bracket competition and fantasy leagues. Part of the reason I wanted Duke to win so bad when I was younger was not wanting to face all of the UNC or, on the rare occasion, North Carolina State University (NC State) fans at school the next day. Having friends and co-workers watch the same sports as you make watching sports a lot more exciting. Nothing raises the excitement to another level like a good tournament challenge group or fantasy league. Everyone wants to be the one with the bragging rights at work or with your family. Fortunately, in my family’s NCAA tournament bracket challenge group I’m tied for first. I’ll definitely be following as many games as possible to root on my picks. It doesn’t hurt that my father is putting down some prize money for the top three bracket pickers.

If you’re like me you made multiple brackets, no billion-dollar-bracket for me unfortunately, and it can be hard to remember which team winning will be good for your bracket. My desk at home has two screens both of which I can use with my computer, and one of which I can switch to show a few cable channels. During march madness I have been able to have a game playing while I am checking the scores for the other games in order to know how my bracket is doing. I’m not sure if it is sibling rivalry, but I have to keep checking everyone else’s bracket in my family to see what is on the line for the game I’m watching. If everyone else picked the same team to win that I did then I know that I won’t drop in my family group rankings if my pick loses. Even when I left the house the other day to run some errands, and visit some family out of town I had to check my bracket on my phone every hour or so. Fortunately, my bracket didn’t do much worse than most peoples. Who knows what could happen these next few rounds of the NCAA tournament. There is still more madness to come. Best Buy has some good ideas for how to catch it all! Check out this video from Best Buy about how to use some multi-screen madness to have more fun with your friends and family during tournament time.

Catch It All


Another thing I like to do when I watch sports is to comment on the game and see what comments other people have about a game. It is fun to see what other people have to say, and, sometimes, it is cathartic for me to vent a little in a public forum about something I didn’t like in the game. I have lived in an apartment for a few years now that makes feel more obligated to be less vocal while I’m watching a game I care about. Fortunately, I can silently post something to facebook or twitter instead. I’m sure my neighbors appreciate it.

If you like to rest your laurels on a couch there are plenty of devices and apps that will let you check your bracket while you watch all the exciting game finishes. It seems to happen to everyone that something unavoidable seems to prevent you from watching the most important game of the season, and you ended up sneaking glances at your phone for scores and highlights. I worked at the Utah Legislature as an intern last March, and I was lucky enough to be able to work in an office by myself sometimes with basketball games on in the background.

It is amazing how sports and technology can bring people together in a very fun and informal way. Best Buy has all of the products that you need to stay in touch with friends and family and to stay informed on all the big games. Katie and I recently bought a new, relatively large, flat screen TV from Best Buy that we have really enjoyed. They have a lot of good deals for all different kinds of budgets. It is fun to check out the fancy 3D TVs and the Ultra HD TVs. It is impressive that they’re still finding ways to make the picture even clearer. I found an interesting video (below) on YouTube where someone from Best Buy’s geek squad explains how you can use your phone as a remote, and she made the point that you won’t have to look for a lost remote if you have your phone. I think you have to have the right type of TV and phone.You can check out some of Best Buy’s phones here. It is amazing how devices can interact these days. People can stream content from phones, computers, and tablets to their TV or other devices. The multi-screen madness is here to stay and Best Buy is a great resource to help you figure it all out. Best Buy sells lots of different devices, and they are paid to answer all of your questions. It’s easy!

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