Intensifying the Presence of God in Your Life

I have a hard time really focusing on my Savior throughout my day, with blogging, household duties, homeschooling, and three little ones, I often feel like I am falling short of remembering Him always. And part of that is that I am not feeling that strong, burning passion for Christ in my life like I know many others are. Are you like me? Are you seeking for some ways to intensify the presence of God and His importance in your life and in the life of your family members?

I really needed this! Such great ways to be a better Christian and to really feel His presence and spirit in my life and home.I know I am far from doing all I should be as the Christian I am. I know I can do better and be better at things like prayer, scripture study, prophesying, thinking about Christ, and living more like Him. And I know that as I put forth the time and effort to dive into God’s word and to stay on my knees in fervent prayer, that remembering Him and feeling His presence becomes easier. But, even if I’m feeling more Christian at heart, I still have ways to improve my connection with heaven, and to share His goodness with others.

In fact, it was this desire to be a better Christan that led me to put together my very first social media campaign and challenge. The challenge is to be a Bold Christian (#BoldChristian) for 15 days. Each day, for 15 days, people who are doing this challenge with me, will receive via email specific, simple, yet bold things they can do to share about Jesus Christ. The challenge is starting on October 6, 2014 and will end October 20, 2014. I would love for you to learn more and to join me in the challenge!Lion - Bold Christian Campaign Dark Square

Even if you don’t, there are still so many great ways you can build a deeper relationship with God, and really feel His love for you and your family. I’ve gathered some very helpful posts on ways you can spiritually strengthen your home and increase the presence of God in your life. Check out some of the following awesome posts!:

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How have you worked to be a better Christian, one who is truly converted, and not just active in church? What helps you feel closer to God?


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