Five Products That Make My Life Easier (and a giveaway!!)

I’m all about simplifying and making life easier. When you have kids, your working, and going to school…you kind of have to in order to not go crazy.

Products That Make Life Easier

1. Cold Beverage Tumbler

I love water. Especially with ice. When I was little, I used to tell my mom that I wanted a cup of “icy, icy, cold, cold, tippy lid water.” I guess I never outgrew that, because ever since Jack was born, I always have a big mug or glass of water close by. After I delivered Jack, I got the best mug ever. For months, I carried that
So why does having a tumbler make life easier? Well, because I just fill this cup up throughout the day and at night, rather than grabbing multiple cups throughout the day. My parents and Forrest can attest to this — when I didn’t have a mug, I would have cups pile up on the counter or on my bedside table. I just always forgot if a cup was mine (or, I forgot to bring them out my room.) Plus, it’s a lot easier to take on walks or in the car when there’s a lid. My tumbler fits perfectly in drink holders on my stroller and the car as well. The one I pictured isn’t the exact one I have, but it’s pretty close!

2. Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners

Crock pot meals can make dinner a breeze. However, there’s just something about cleaning a crock pot that I absolutely detest. As much as I hate to admit this, sometimes our crock pot would go a few days without me cleaning it. So when someone suggested I used crock pot liners, I immediately purchased them. Especially when they were on sale for a dollar at Walmart (that price is seriously unheard of!)
It seriously makes cleanup a breeze. As soon as we are done eating, and I’ve put the left overs in the fridge, I just throw the liner away. Sometimes I’ll have to wipe out a little bit of residue on the lid, but that’s about that. No more crock pot just sitting around, waiting to be cleaned.

3. Method Dish Pump, Clementine, 18 Oz. Pump Bottle

My sister Cindy wrote about this on her blog awhile back, and I knew I had to try it. We have a dish washer…but it’s a portable one that really doesn’t work very well. We basically have to wash everything by hand first before we put it in. And when you have to wash things by hand, it is so annoying to have to constantly pick up the dish soap, especially when your hands are probably all yucky. Well, this dish soap is amazing. It comes with a pump dispenser, so you just have to press the little pump to get the soap out. It’s fast and easy, and comes in amazing smells. Our favorite is tangerine! We always get it at Target, because the prices are so much better than anywhere else I’ve seen it.

4. The Wet Brush

My hair is super thick. Which means it gets really tangled whenever I wash it. Several months ago, I saw that this was on sale on Amazon, so I thought I’d try it out. And seriously, best brush ever. I don’t know how it does it, but when I brush my hair, the knots and tangles magically disappear, and it doesn’t even hurt one bit. I think some of my worst memories of my childhood were my mom brushing my hair (shows what a terrible life I had, right ;-). I so wish she had this brush back then. So even if you don’t get tangled hair, but you have a daughter who does…Do everyone a favor, and buy this brush! I don’t think I’ll ever use another brush again.

5. Juppy Baby Walker

This a product I was just recently introduced to. If you have a baby that is learning to walk, it’s awesome. The Juppy Baby Walker has been around for a few years, and this is the “Momentum” brand — it’s new and approved, and better than ever before. I was sent my very own to try out, and Jack LOVES it. He has always loved to stand up and to bounce around, and this just makes it easier. Because the straps are adjustable to different heights, I don’t have to lean over and hold his hands. He can just bounce and walk away, and I can stand normally. I mean, I actually do enjoy holding his hands and helping him walk…but sometimes it can get exhausting, especially when he wants to do it all the time!

Here’s a video that explains exactly what this product is, since I’m not very good at describing things!
It comes in pink, black, and blue, and can be personalized. Included in the price is a cute, matching bag that makes it easy to take this with you anywhere. It can be used up to 30 pounds, and seems pretty safe. It has a zipper on the back, as well as velcro straps, and as I already mentioned, the straps are adjustable. Here is a closer look of the one we received:

Juppy Baby Walker
Juppy Baby Walker
And just for fun, here are a few pictures of Jack in it. I apologize for the poor quality. I was having to use the self timer. Some of the better pictures of him laughing and jumping didn’t really turn out, but hopefully these show that he enjoys them.


Juppy Baby Walker
Juppy Baby Walker
I recommend this product if you want a walker that lets you be involved in the process, that is relatively inexpensive, and super portable. I don’t think that we’ll always be using this, because I don’t really like keeping Jack restrained, but it is a fun activity for him…and great exercise! And he loved it, which is always a positive. It is also very well made, and I don’t feel like I’m putting Jack at a risk putting him in it. It kind of reminds me of those johnny jumpers that you put in door ways…just instead of having it attached to the doorway, you hold it instead! As with all walkers, it is important to limit a child’s time in it, and not to use it as a way to carry or swing your child.
Because the Juppy Baby Walker company is so awesome, they are letting me give away one of these to one of our readers! Anyone that has a child of their own, a grandchild, or needs a fun and unique baby shower present should definitely enter. The winner will have their choice of a pink or blue one, and can have it customized to say anything they want! If you want to learn more about the company or product, check out their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, The Juppy Blog
And since I’m feeling generous today, I’m throwing in a few extra things as well. The winner will receive a package of slow cooker liners, and their choice of either the wet hair brush, a tumbler, or a bottle of method dish soap. This giveaway will run until next Friday, so be sure to enter!
Disclosure: I was sent the baby juppy to review and keep, but all opinions on this post are mine. 


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  • I would have to say my product that makes life easier would have to be my babies carrier, it makes it easier to keep her safely close to keep her happy, and I can grab things to buy at like the store or such.. (Sarah Hoffman)
  • Definetly my smart phone! I can check my email on the go, map things out (remember the days of having to use MapQuest before you left the house?), find phone numbers, etc...
  • I do love my tumbler to keep water with me as well, but I think I would have to say my rice cooker. It's so easy to just throw rice in there while you make the rest of dinner and it comes out perfect every time.
  • Something that makes my life easier...a husband! Seriously though, I don't know how single parents do it. Oh and my car. Even though public transportation in Utah is really good, I love having that car now.
  • Oops, I just realized that I was supposed to leave a comment about something that makes my life easier! This week, I have been so excited about my breadmaker. I bought it at a yard sale years ago but haven't really used it. I pinned a great buttermilk bread recipe and have made it three times this week! I love that the breadmaker makes it so easy. Getting the yeast the right temperature has always scared me away from making bread products very often, but the breadmaker does that all for me. I just dump in the ingredients, put it through the dough cycle and then bake it in the oven for a beautiful, delicious loaf!
  • katie! your blog is so cute! (this is my first time visiting). one random product i find extremely useful is my little george foreman grill--it's so easy to do dinner with that thing.

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