The Voice Season Five: Audition Night #1

Back when Forrest and I were first married, I woke up one morning to him telling me all about the neatest show that he had watched the night before. It featured Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Ceelo Green, and Adam Levine, and singers auditioned for the show through blind auditions. I was half asleep, so I didn’t really know what he was talking about. Luckily, he showed me some clips from the show later. 

Obviously, this was NBC’s The Voice. Ever since Forrest showed me those first clips on Hulu, we’ve been totally hooked. It’s hard to believe that it is already in it’s fifth season, but it just seems to be getting better and better. Even though we don’t have cable, our antenna picks up NBC, so we love being able to watch it in real time.  Tonight was the premiere, and Forrest and I thought it would be kind of fun to do recaps with our thoughts and opinions afterwards. I used to write on another site about reality TV talent shows, so I’m excited to get back into that type of writing. We hope you’ll enjoy this, and these posts are a compilation of both of our thoughts. We’d love to hear what you think, too!

The Voice

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After a season-long hiatus, Ceelo and Christina came back to take their places as two of the four judges. I was excited about Ceelo, as he adds a fun twist to everything, but Christina? I’m sorry, but I really have never liked her. I much preferred Shakira. However, she didn’t annoy me quite as much as usual tonight, so hopefully that trend continues. And what was up with that tattoo on Ceelo’s head? Is that thing for real, or just a temporary one? Either way, he’s already adding some much needed quirkiness back into the show. I wonder what animal he’ll have accompanying him in interviews this season! Of course, I was happy to see that Adam and Blake kept up their playful banter and man-crushes on each other. That seriously is one of our favorite parts of the show. We always look forward to the combined coach music number at the beginning. Even thought it wasn’t my favorite song, I Love Rock and Roll, it was still very entertaining. There’s no doubt that all of the coaches have some crazy talent. In case you missed it, here it was:

So, on to the performances of the night. There were several impressive performers, and a few of them I could definitely see going far already. Before I talk about who made it through, here’s a few things on some of the people who sadly did not.

Jake Worthington, the country boy of the night, was endearing, and it was kind of sad that he didn’t get through. However, Forrest and I thought he didn’t seem to be showing how versatile his voice could be, and it was just a little one dimensional. I loved how he asked the judges for advice on how to improve, and he really seemed like he was going to take it to heart. We hope to see him again next season.

Delvin Choice was…well, interesting to say the least! He seemed really goofy, and that he has a real zest for life. Although there were a few moments that you could tell he had a good voice, overall, it was just all over the place. At one point, we thought Ceelo would go for him, but alas, the fates were not in his favor.

Matthew Brea had a decent voice, but he didn’t really stand out to us. Which makes sense, since he wasn’t picked! The performance seemed to get worse as he went on. He did look like he was going to cry when no one picked him, which was kind of sad. Oh well. You can’t win ’em all, right?

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And now for the people who did make it through! Everyone surprised me with who they picked as their coaches — I think I guessed right once. It will be interesting to see the pairings. Last season, Blake chose a primarily country team, and it doesn’t look like that’s his goal this season. He obviously has a good track record, so I’m excited to see who makes it to his team this year. There were several people we really liked, and I’ve included a video of their performance.


Shelby:  I didn’t catch this girl’s name, but I think it was Shelby. Forrest described her as a “country diva” so it wasn’t surprising that she went for Blake. However, we thought that maybe she would have been a better for Christina’s team, as she definitely had the powerhouse type voice that Christina has as well.


Donna Allen: This lady was quite endearing, and I was happy to see someone a little older get through. It always makes me laugh how the older contestants always sing the more old fashioned songs, though. She did a great job though, and Forrest thought she sounded like she would be a good singer for Disney movie soundtracks.

Nick Hawk: Forrest thinks that Adam thought this guy was a woman because of his song choice and vocal range. I kind of thought he sounded like that was well. I hated the song he sang though — Hit ‘Em Up Style. That song occasionally comes on when we are playing Just Dance 4, and I always dread it.

James Wolpert: This kid dropped out of Carnegie to pursue music, which is both a risky, yet admirable, move. For that fact alone, I hoped that he was good. And fortunately, we really did like him. I’m not sure I’ve heard anyone like him before; I can’t even think of who I would compare him to. Forrest felt that he was strangely engaging; not the most amazing vocalist we’ve ever heard, but he was somehow able to captivate us. That’s a huge part of being an entertainer though, right?


Matthew Schuler

Josh Logan: I thought this guy had an endearing story, but most of all, he had a great voice. He sounded a lot like the original singer, which may or may not prove to be a good thing. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about The Voice judges, is that they love originality. He does seem very versatile though, and it was surprising to us that he went with Christina. I pictured him more with Adam.


Caroline Pennell: I thought she seemed like a very sweet girl, and seems rather innocent. Who knows if that is true or not, but she is sure to be in for an interesting ride being on Ceelo’s team. I felt that she has the type of voice that is rather popular nowadays, and that might work to her advantage. I think she will have to work hard to make sure she doesn’t sound like an imitation of popular singers though (on purpose, or not.) I really enjoyed her performance though, and I’m excited to see more of her.

Kat Robichud: This was the first act of the night, and I’m having a hard time remembering it very clearly. She was okay, but definitely not my favorite. I didn’t feel like it was super polished, but obviously the judges that turned around thought something of her!


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