Two Easy Lipsense Removal Hacks (Without Using Oops!)

Easy Lipsense Removal

Lipsense Remover Hack

About a year ago, I really started to enjoy wearing lipstick.

It started when I signed up to be a Lipsense distributor (so I could get the discount – I am no longer a distributor. Ha!), and I realized how much fun a pop of color can be for your look.

I didn’t love how pricey Lipsense was, so I decided to try out a bunch of different drug store alternatives.

Turns out, none of them worked as well as Lipsense, nor did I like the feeling of most of them.

Easy Lipsense Removal

For whatever reason, Lipsense just works best on my lips.

So, despite the higher cost, I’m back to Lipsense, and I’m glad. I don’t sell it or anything, but I do love all the colors, and the way it looks on.

It really does last a long time, too!

Anyways. The one thing I don’t love about Lipsense (besides the cost) is how hard it can be to get off.

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Yes, they sell the Oops! Remover….but in my experience, it just doesn’t work that great. I feel like I practically have to scrub my lips off when I put it on!

Plus I always seemed to misplace it – or it wasn’t available when I needed it to be!

So I set out to figure out a Lipsense remover alternative that was a little more convenient.

And find it I did!

It seriously makes removing Lipsense so much easier at the end of the day. This first “hack” is one that I’ve been using, and the second is what my sister said she uses (and she said it works even if you just put it on – which is often the hardest time to remove!)

How to Remove Lipsense

Are you ready for it?

Baby wipes!

Easy Lipsense Removal

It comes off so easily and without any fuss.

Because I have small children (one of which is still in diapers), wipes are something that we have in great abundance pretty much everywhere we go.

The first time I tried it, I couldn’t believe how easily it just wiped off. We use Pampers sensitive wipes, but I’m sure it would work with any wipes (except for maybe those water wipes? I haven’t tried them. Let me know if you have!)

Lipsense Remover Alternative

So with this second one, I haven’t actually tried it – but my sister swears by it, and I will be buying this product ASAP!

Neutrogena Face Bars. These are fairly inexpensive – especially if you buy them in store.

My sister says she just gets her fingers wet, rubs the top of the bar, and then touches her lips. She said it comes off in seconds and makes her lips feel so soft.

I’d love to hear what alternatives you’ve found to the Oops! Remover. I really like the baby wipes, and I can’t wait to try the Neutrogena Face Bars, too.

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  • I'm fairly new to the lipsense game, and have great luck removing all traces of color with just coconut oil! Added bonus that my lips are super soft and hydrated after the lipsense is removed too. Great idea with the baby wipes! They truly are a go to for just about anything! Thanks for your ideas :)
  • I use the oops remover and leave it on for a few minutes, rubbing my lips together, then take it off with the blue neurtrogena makeup wipes. The neutrogena wipes will take it off by itself but it takes a lot more work than the combo together

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