2013 NCAA Bracket Challenge ~ $15 Visa Gift Card

NCAA Bracket Challenge 2013
When Forrest and I first started dating, he came over to my apartment one Sunday afternoon with two pieces of paper. There was a bracket on it, with names of different colleges on it. He excitedly told me that we were going to fill out our brackets for March Madness.

I honestly don’t remember what I said or did, but I’m sure it involved some confused looks. You see, before Forrest, sports weren’t a part of my life. I played some softball when I was little, but besides that…nothing. Forrest is the opposite. His whole family LOVES sports. And March Madness was a big deal. I found out that it was the biggest part of college basketball. Apparently everyone knows about it. Except for me.

I decided to play along, and I filled out my bracket. But to be honest, I got super into it. A little known fact about me is that I’m extremely competitive. I like to win. Which is probably why I don’t play a lot of sports, because I know I won’t win! Well, I researched all the teams before I picked them, and I actually watched the games during the tournament. And believe me, before that point, I don’t think I’d ever watched a college basketball game in my life.

Forrest’s family also holds a competition each year, and that year, his sister, Doris, won. The next year, Forrest won, and this past year, his oldest brother Don won. One of these years I’m going to win. Just wait. The winner gets the much coveted pizza pan for a year.

So even though I could care less about basketball during most parts of the year, I get really excited when March comes around. Because we like a little competition, we’ve decided to hold a NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge here at the blog. And there will be a prize for the winner. A $15 visa gift card! Plus, everyone who enters will be entered into a drawing for one of two five dollar gift cards to either Amazon, McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, or Wendys. Hopefully that’s an incentive for any of you.

Here’s the rules:

1) One bracket per person.
2) You must either like Clarks Condensed on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or on Pinterest. Don’t have any of those? Just let us know. We’ll make an exception.
2) Anyone can enter — get your husband, wife, brother, sister, child…anyone! The more the merrier
3) Along the same lines, share this with anyone you want!
3) Selection Sunday is on March 17th. This is when the brackets will be released and you can start putting in your information.
4) We will host this through a private group on ESPN.com, and we will email you the password as soon as have it up and ready to go. You will need to sign up for a free ESPN.com account.
5) The first round begins on March 21 and the National Championship will be held on April 8
6) If you’d like to participate, please fill out this form. We will send more information when it gets closer.
7) Have fun!

Even if you know nothing about basketball, don’t let that deter you from entering. It’s really fun, and to be honest, I’ve heard of people winning their bracket because they chose a team based on the color of a jersey. If you think you know someone that might like to participate, just send them here!

We can’t wait!

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  • Okay, I am signed up! I actually love doing March Madness brackets. :) It makes watching college basketball fun!
    I am going to get my husband to sign up too. ;)

    Shared on my Facebook & Twitter, so hopefully you get some more participants your way!

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