Upcycled Homemade Bird Feeder

An upcycled homemade bird feeder is the perfect craft for your little ones!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

homemade bird feeder

I feel so blessed to live where I do.

There are beautiful mountains that I can see right outside of my front window and there are beautiful flowers and lakes and ponds close by, too! Because I’m so grateful for this wonderful earth, it’s important to teach my children how to take care of it.

We love to recycle and that plays a huge role in how we teach our daughters to care for the earth. They love to throw recyclable items into our recycle bin!

Another great way that we like to care for our earth,  is to “re-use” items to make them into something else!

It might take a little creativity but you can come up with some fun ideas!

For example, my family recently made an upcycled bird feeder out of a Tom’s of Maine® toothpaste box. It was pretty easy, fast and I had most of the supplies on hand.

Homemade Birdfeeder Materials

Tom’s of Maine® toothpaste box (check out this great Cartwheel offer for an even better price!).

Box Cutterscrew driver

Paint of your choosing

Paint brush


2 unsharpened pencils

Bird Seed

How To Make It

Take your empty toothpaste box and using a box cutter make four small holes on each side of the bottom of your box.

Then take a screw driver to make the holes big enough for a pencil to slide through.

homemade bird feeder

Make sure there are two matching holes across from each other that slightly higher than the other two. You will be sticking the pencils through these holes for the birds to perch on.

homemade bird feeder

You will then want to put two holes at the top of the box for the twine to go.

homemade bird feeder

The next step would be fun for the kids!


Decorate your box and paint it to your liking. When finished, let it dry completely.

Once dried, take the twine and loop through the holes to make a handle. Be sure to double knot it. This way you can hang up your bird feeder.

Stick the pencils through the holes you made at the bottom.

Almost done!

Fill the feeder with bird seed. We poured the bird seed into a measuring cup and then poured the contents into the bird feeder and it worked great!

Last, using the screw driver make two small holes on either side of the box- big enough for a bird to stick it’s beak through in order to get the seeds!

homemade bird feeder

Find somewhere outside to hand your bird feeder and wait for the birds to find it! Easy enough, right?

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