Easy Reversible Baby Blanket Tutorial

An easy reversible baby blanket tutorial - this is a great DIY baby shower gift that requires very little sewing. The blanket is so soft!

In just about 12 weeks, we will be a family of four. I can hardly believe it. This pregnancy has definitely been going by faster than my pregnancy with Jack. I’m trying to savor all the time we have left with just Jack, but I know our new sweet baby will be here before we know it.

Although the baby will sleep in our room until he is probably six months or so, Jack and him will eventually share a room. This room isn’t very large, and it’s already pretty full with Jack’s stuff. It will definitely be interesting trying to transform it from a one toddler room to a combo toddler room/baby nursery.

One thing that is important to me is making sure Jack doesn’t think all of his stuff is being taken over by the baby. It will obviously be a big change for him having this new little person in his life, and I don’t want to totally uproot everything he’s become familiar with. So, we are planning to make small changes that will keep his room familiar but still work well with a new baby!

He currently has a train bed spread that he LOVES. It’s blue, so we were hoping to get the baby some blue bedding as well. I decided to involve Jack in the process, and I let him him pick out what kind of bedding for the baby’s crib we should get (fully aware that it might not be blue.) I was excited when he picked this cute “Let’s Go Mickey!” set from Walmart.

easy-reversible-baby-blanket-tutorial (3 of 13)It comes with a crib duster, a fun blanket, and a simple crib sheet. He loves Mickey, and I think this is something he’ll be thrilled to have in his room.

easy-reversible-baby-blanket-tutorial (9 of 13)

It also happens to go perfectly with this cute Mickey lamp we inherited from Jack’s Uncle Michael. While I wish I was super creative and could create a beautiful room and nursery…I’m not! So, we like when we can add little personal touches like this to make the room a little less plain. My brother is 18, so this isn’t even available anymore, but as I said early…you can never go wrong with Mickey. It’s a timeless icon!

easy-reversible-baby-blanket-tutorial (2 of 13)

I also decided to make the baby and Jack matching blankets. Jack was so excited when I told him that one of the blankets I was making was for him.

This is seriously the easiest project ever, and it would be great for a baby shower gift. It’s a reversible baby blanket made out of two receiving blankets.

I always feel like receiving blankets are nice for a few months, but then once you stop swaddling your baby, they have usually served their purpose.

By making this blanket, you can still use it for swaddling, but your baby (or toddler!) will love cuddling it because it’s still warm and cuddly.


Two receiving blankets
Matching Thread


1. Place the two receiving blankets right side together. It’s best if you pin them so they don’t shift while you are sewing.

easy-reversible-baby-blanket-tutorial (4 of 13)

2. Sew around the edges. I sewed right on top of the existing seam from the receiving blankets. Leave about 5 inches open.

easy-reversible-baby-blanket-tutorial (5 of 13)easy-reversible-baby-blanket-tutorial (6 of 13)

3. Turn inside out. Sew around the edges with a decorative or straight stitch, making sure to close the 5 inch gap.

easy-reversible-baby-blanket-tutorial (7 of 13)

4. Press the edges flat and iron if necessary. Enjoy!

An easy reversible baby blanket tutorial - this is a great DIY baby shower gift that requires very little sewing. The blanket is so soft!

You can find more options from the Disney Baby line at your local Walmart store!



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  • years ago(my son is now 45! I am grandma now) a friend made me a baby blanket out of flannel slightly larger than a receiving blanket. It was done exactly as you described in your directions. It was wonderful for the toddler child...which I love for a newborn. Great Idea to use receiving blankets- especially if you have too many! they are much warmer as two layers.
  • I never would have thought of sewing 2 receiving blankets together! But those thinner, soft blankies are the ones my kids like the best. Such a great idea! And yours turned out so cute :) Transitioning from 1 to 2 kids is quite an adventure, but lots and lots of fun :)
  • What a cute idea! I love how you're getting big brother involved in the decorating. It's so important to make them feel a part of the process. Good luck with your new baby! #client

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