RadioShack Holiday Deals

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for RadioShack. I received a gift card to facilitate a shopping trip and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

If you’re looking for some good deals on tech gifts this holiday season make sure to check out RadioShack. One of the most interesting things they have done to start out this shopping season is something called “Name Your Deal” where radioshack allowed potential customers to vote on deals and prices that they wanted for the Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. I’m sure there is not better way to know what customers want than to ask them. They began their Black Friday deals yesterday. Checking out the deals online on Thanksgiving is way better than waiting in lines among the madness on Thanksgiving. I tried that. It didn’t go well. If you’re worried about getting lost in one of the giant stores like Wal-mart or Costco on Black Friday, you might want to check out RadioShack.

Some of the items that personally interest me are the portable powerbanks, bluetooth headphones, the Auvio bluetooth speakers, and cloud like external hard drives. Every who has a mobile device have run into problems with the battery dying at the worst possible moment. With portable power banks you can charge up on the go. I keep having problems pulling the cords on my headphones until one side or the other stops working. Cordless headphones could be the solution. Additionally, Katie and I don’t go to the movies, which means that we’re okay with spending a little extra from our small budget on things like the great sounding Auvio Bluetooth speakers. They’re a good price and produce a surround sound kind of sound. Since it is one speaker and it is Bluetooth enabled you won’t need to run wires all over the place to a a bunch of different little speakers. Plus, there are is a sale on some Toshiba hard  drives that act as your own personal cloud storage. You can store things on it from your phone. I like having mobile devices, headphones, and speakers with no wires. It is nice not having to plug your phone up to your computer in order to save something to it. Life is complicated enough. It is always good when your tech simplifies things.

store shot

Radioshack has updated the looks of a lot of its stores, so you might want to at least stop by to see the new look during your holiday shopping. Most of the radioshack stores I have visited aren’t particularly large, but they have a large inventory online. I pretty sure that you can do an instore pick-up for your online orders. If you want a large hard drive, or a different battery they can probably order it and have it online. My phone isn’t working. Wasn’t I figure it out for sure I just might order it myself from radioshack. I probably should fix what I already have before I look at too many fun tech toys and gadgets.

No matter who you’re shopping for, you can probably find something for someone on your shopping list. If you didn’t go today, then check out for cybermonday at midnight. So check out Radio Shack’s Holiday Hub for great deals this holiday season.

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