Painted Pots for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is next month. Don’t forget. Have you decided what to do for your mom yet? Whether she is near or far, she really wants you to remember her. It’s important. Today I have a relatively easy gift you can make her and it will be useful too, especially if she likes to cook or grow things. These Painted Pots for Mother’s Day can be customized to match her likes and your skill level. They will be something she will use year round and smile when she sees them and thinks of you.

Painted Pots for Mother's Day

I received these Glass Paint Markers from DecorArt and I’ve been having a lot of fun using them on different things. I even went and bought a few more colors because I like them so well. These are the markers you need for this project.

Painted Pots for Mother's Day

You will also need as many terra cotta pots as you are going to decorate.

Painted Pots for Mother's Day

The first things you do is wipe off the exterior of the pot with glass cleaner or vinegar. Allow the pot to dry completely. I wanted to make pots for herbs, so on the band around the top of the pot, I taped off a straight line and then painted on the name of the different herbs. This one will be cilantro and the other I did will be basil.

Next, you just use the markers and paint on your words and decorations. I did flowers on one pot and on the other, a crazy looking butterfly, a rainbow and some other flowers. When you’re done painting, allow the paint to dry for 8 hours. Don’t skimp on the dry time. You don’t want to ruin your creation.

Painted Pots for Mother's Day

Now you need to bake the paint onto the pots. Put your pots in a cold oven, close the door and heat the oven and pots up to 375°. Once it reaches the right temperature, bake it for 40 minutes.  When your time is up, turn the oven off, prop the door open and allow the pots and oven to cool at the same rate.

Painted Pots for Mother's Day

I love these pots and think I will be making some for myself when we get moved. I’m not very good at growing things, but I can probably grow herbs in these pots.

Painted Pots for Mother's Day

I decided to make a little gift basket, so I added some seeds, a little shovel, a little rake, so garden gloves and of course, so chocolate. Chocolate is always welcome.

Do you know what you’re giving the moms in your family for Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about your creativity. Come over and visit me at Fearlessly Creative Mammas for other fun ideas.

Painted Pots for Mother's Day




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